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Also Coming Eventually: SvW: Shadowbolts Vs Wonderbolts · 8:47pm Jul 19th, 2016

Hello again, boys and girls, it's me again. You know, I've been watching a lot of Red Vs. Blue on Netflix lately, and I gotta say, IT'S FREAKING HILARIOUS!!! So, I've decided to make an MLP Version of it, with The Shadowbolts as the Red Army, and the Wonderbolts as the Blue Army! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

SvW: Shadowbolts Vs. Wonderbolts

Here's who I've got for the cast so far for Seasons/Volumes 1-5, which will be the first story in the series, followed by Reconstruction. I could also use suggestions for some of these:

Red Army/Shadowbolts

Sarge: Lightning Dust
Grif: Thunderlane (DIRTBAG!!!)
Donut: Pinkie Pie
Lopez/other robots: Sweetie Belle/Sweetie Bot
Simmons: Twilight Sparkle

Blue Army/Wonderbolts
Dr. Leonard Church/Captain Church/The Alpha/The Director: Rainbow Dash
Tucker: Soarin
Tex: Gilda
Caboose: Derpy Hooves (I DEMAND MUFFINS!!!! :pinkiecrazy::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2:)
Sheila: OT named Simon (OT=Original Tank)

Neutral/Project Freelancer
Doc/O'Malley: Dr. Hooves/O'Reily
Wyoming: TBD
Vic: Me.

And that's about it! Hope you like it!

That is all.

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I have to ask, how many story ideas have you come up with?

...you don't want to know. I've also come up with some god-awful ideas that have never seen the light of day.

4101510 Also wanted to ask, will you be following the storyline of RvB?

Twilight As Simmons

4101758 Is it sad that I think that choice kind of works?

4101785 Nope:eeyup: What do you think about the other ones

To an extent. I mean, it won't be a carbon copy, that's for sure.

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