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    A note of disappointment

    To those who are old enough to read my third book: Chapter Five has been postponed until New Years. As anyone knows, life screws writers every day. Whether it be waking up late or their real life jobs. Please understand, 'tis not my choice to do this.

    Until New Years...
    Writer Unknown... And Alone.

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    Never say you can't...

    Never say you can't do something as good as someone else. Because nine times out of ten, if given enough time, you can. Never say you'll not be anywhere near as good at writing as a well known author(I.e.: Pen Stroke), because sooner or later you might have more views than the book everyone knows him/her for.

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    The fun has been doubled!

    For one time only, I will be publishing two chapters on the same day on purpose. This comes as no surprise to a few people on conviction as I have told them already. On Sunday, September twenty-fifth, twenty-sixteen, I will be publishing an alternate version of a previous chapter and chapter ten of Twilight's First Kids - Episode II - The Foal Of The Origin.

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    Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for me.

    I have been told by doctors I have at most 28 days to live. This may come to others attention as they may think it a lie, but it is not. This being said I will let my identical twin sister have the book to finish much in the manner I would(considering we think exactly alike for twins of opposite genders.). Should she deviate from the path I have set, I would correct her even

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    An expiration date...

    Everyone has an expiration date. Some make it to be a century old and are blessed. Some die before birth. And the rest... The rest is apparently normal for this world. People get sent to fight in some truly meaningless war only to end up shipped home in a box. Some have cancer and end up being killed their own body. Some mange to overcome the loss of entire limbs and body parts because of so

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A message: To Admins who moderate · 5:09pm Jul 19th, 2016

I've been waiting thirty six plus hours for my sequal to Twilight's First Kids: Episode One to be moderated but all i'm finding is that it has yet to be moderted by what is starting to feel like incompetant foals. if you're admins you should be able to at least log on once a week, unlike some admins I know (Wanderer D). It agrivates me to almost no end to see my work not get published on schedule. So far I've let down at least two good viewers not to mention those just loooking for something to read that passes time. Telll me admins: do you wait thirty six hours after submitting your work for it to be moderated? That's the problem! You're all too busy moderating your own work to even notice that of others. To not notice and moderate must be you're job if it takes more than thirty six hours to moderate a user's story. Tell me: If I were in your postition, why would it take thirty six hours to moderate someones work?

Long story short, Admins: You seem to be acting lazy. So, in the words of a famous British WWII P.O.W.: Have a good day, and drop dead while you're at it.

P.P.S. To Wanderer D: E ys yfyna oui nayt Al Bhed. Cu, damm sa, Wanderer D, fro tu oui hud mukeh yho suna?

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Wanderer D

E muk eh ymm dra desa. E tuh'd ybbnuja cduneac. Ymcu, The Descendant ec hud yh ytseh un sutanydun.

4101322 So ybbumukeac, E zicd yccisat drad The Decendant fyc y ytseh. Ra/Cra fyc dra uha... hajanseht. Ymcu, E yppumukewa vun yccisehk oui fana y sutanydun. E druuikrd ymm ytseh fana sutanydun.

Wanderer D

Knighty and Xaq yna ytsehc, Meeester, Obs yht E yna Sutanydunc, dra uhac fru ybbnuja un vyem cduneac yna dra Story Approvers

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