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I'M BATTIN' A THOUSAND · 3:37pm Jul 17th, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and enemies—after four long, long, long years, it's finally happened. ...But the Kitchen Sink has finally hit one-thousand upvotes! That took long enough. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks to everyone who read over the years! I hope some of you early readers are still around, and if you are, I hope you have fond memories of the story. I know I do. :twilightsmile:

Speaking of weird stories: after over a year of writing and editing and refining... it is on the way.

Stay tuned. :trollestia:

Comments ( 5 )

*looks at the story title*

Huh... I was kind of hoping for the continuation of the kitchen sink romance or something of the sort... Oh well :P

DId that joke I made in the writeoff chat really lead to this?
Either way, I can't wait :yay:


Next stop: 2,000! *choo choo*

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