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Shout out to Feather Note's "The True NIghtmare" (Alien/Predator). · 6:18am Jul 17th, 2016

Hey everyone! Just giving a shout-out to Feather Note's "The True Nightmare" stories. It is a crossover with 'Alien' and 'Predator' comprised of three stories. Anyone who's interested, I recommend giving them a read in the order that follows.

The True Nightmare
Light has always triumphed in the face of darkness. But can our favorite heroines truly defeat an evil that is merciless and relentless in its pursuit to grow? Join your favorite ponies as they deal with a threat they've never gone against before.
The True Nightmare: The Hunt
The nightmare is far from over. Join Daring Do and a band of mercernaries as they follow the trail of a mysterious prize. Little do they know, something else is after what they want.
The True Nightmare: Epitaph
Everypony thought life went back to normal. However, everypony has yet to realize that the Nightmare has been revived. Our heroines, The Element Bearers and friends must face this threat again. But are they truly ready to face this threat once more?

Also, feel free to join the "True Nightmare" group if you want.

Warning: These stories are rated M and contains blood and gore along with intense violence. This content is not suitable for children and may be disturbing for some readers. Discretion for any readers who are not able to handle this type of subject matter is advised.

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Sounds awesome. I'll give it a try.

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