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I used to question the MLP FiM show, but one episode and I got hooked on it. See my Fanfiction account ChaosMagemon for more than just MLP fics. Joined the Herd Nov 5, 2011

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Spike with Honesty and Loyalty · 5:06pm Jul 16th, 2016

Hello everyone. Artist xXAngeLuciferXx has given us a new fanart for my fic Highschool Dragon. This time featuring him with Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

Comments ( 12 )

:rainbowlaugh: Oh man. It's time's like this that make me jealous of Spike.

4095706 I feel that way too

And like that you have got my attention

Rest well, King of the Dragons. May your eternity be filled with marshmallows and hot buns.

blood nose gigs happens all the time but got to love them

Goodness, that looks awesome! I need to continue reading this story.

We need Flutters, Pinkie, and Sunset now!! And then maybe there could be one with Spike and Twilight with Stone and Tavi, kinda like a double date kind of thing.

:ajbemused: Darn it Rainbow it's my turn for fun stuff
:rainbowkiss: Your taking to long there AJ. I would have had him happier 20% faster.

Applejack's got the boobs..
Dashie's got the ass
Spike's in the most advantageous position ever w/o going into actual coitus

...lucky bugger..:eeyup:

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