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If I leave my grin behind, remind me that we're all mad here and it's okay.

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  • 212 weeks
    Gonna go for a bit

    Sorry everyone

    And Ryuku...I'm so sorry :fluttercry:....

    8 comments · 184 views
  • 212 weeks

    I love you all and hope to spend some mkre time with each one of you
    I should be getting my new laptop soon gonna be ordering it in two weeks then I can even skype with those of you who want too
    Mommy madnness is gonna go fall in a good story now fell free to message just be gentle

    1 comments · 172 views
  • 212 weeks
    Hello fimfiction and my dear followers

    Changed my name from Mrs Cheshire to this. But I have a little message
    I've been through allot since I joined this site ad I'm still dealing with allot of issues in my life I can't be on here as much as I want and I have but left this site

    Read More

    5 comments · 179 views
  • 217 weeks
    Morning just umm

    Just thought I would wish everyone a good morning and hope your days are full of awesomeness

    37 comments · 294 views

Need opinion look at my hand and tell me what you think ^^ · 2:11am Jul 16th, 2016

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Comments ( 17 )

go for it

4094742 can you see the picture?

4094746 yup, look as beautiful as ever:pinkiehappy:

4094750 for some reason it doesn't show up for me but thank you sweetie ^^ I'm just thinking if I should get that tattooed on me

Can't see it on my end.:fluttershysad:

4094754 I cnt either and idk how to fix it :fluttershysad:

4094750 can you maybe somehow send it to kirito for me if you can see ot

It's really cool

Well, what does it look like?:twilightsmile:

4094759 thank you shine ^^ *hugs you tight*

4094856 ask the otaku a thinks he may be able to help I'm sorry

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