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Coming Eventually: Warriors · 7:53pm Jul 14th, 2016

Greetings Gotham, Joker here! You know, lately I've been getting very interested in the Halo franchise. I own The Fall of Reach prologue book ( you know, the one that basically goes into detail about what happened before the Pillar of Autumn arrived at the first Halo in Halo 1. Word of advice: if you must make a choice between the book or the movie, TAKE THE BOOK!!! The movie skips over at least 90% of what happened in the book, and quite honestly is the only movie I've ever seen where I favored the book.) I've also played a little bit of Halo: Reach's campaign mode on a friend's Xbox 360 and I've spent some VERY late nights watching the Master Chief games on YouTube, and I gotta say, I'm hooked. In fact, I think I might just do a Displaced with me and my two best friends on this site, who also happen to like Halo as it turns out (you know who you are) getting Displaced as Spartans, complete with our own arsenal of weapons and transports. I'm thinking about calling the story "Warriors" and having this be the main theme:

Anyways, I'm still working out the kinks on a couple of things, so it's going to take some time for this to come to fruition. Anyways, PyraFlare, VampDash, I'll need your armor design description thingies before I can get started.

That is all.

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Eh, alright, I'll start thinking of what my Spartan will be

Dude this is my fav. Song by image dragon.
It's like a hype song.

Word of advice: if you must make a choice between the book or the movie, TAKE THE BOOK!!!

I wish i known that earlier, like almost a year ago earlier. That movie (To quote AVGN: The angry Video Game Nerd) SUCK ASS!!!

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