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Amble Assemblage MMXVI · 6:51am Jul 14th, 2016

Gonna be at TrotCon July 15th – 17th (and this time I don't have to leave until Monday morning!). Come say "hello" and maybe hang out with me for a bit. If you've written horse words I've liked, then I owe you a drink

I'll be sporting the most ridiculous pony bag ever, and during the later hours I'll be wearing a custom shirt some are calling "too hot for Trot" (OK, nobody's calling it that, but the con staff still asked me to only don it at night). If you still can't find me, just look for Present Perfect, as I'll most likely be bugging him again this year :derpytongue2:

Since I've run out of things to say, I'll just end this with an insanely good cover of Le Soldat Pony

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Comments ( 1 )
Author Interviewer

I'll be sure to look for Present Perfect so I can find you! :V

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