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Ramble #4 (of Many): Bear With Me · 10:08pm Jul 13th, 2016

Ever since watching Rainbow Rocks, and seeing the conclusion where Sunset Shimmer joins the magic of the Elements of Harmony and they blast the Dazzlings with the giant alicorn construct, a thought has been waving around quietly in the back of my mind.

Did Sunset represent a seventh element (:trixieshiftleft:), or did she join Twilight in Bearing Magic? Personally, I'm leaning more towards the second option, which then raises some questions. So let's talk abooouuut! This:

Multiple Bearers, Qualifying Qualities, and the Ramifications of Certain Things, Even Though This is Mostly a Moot Point Because the Elements Were Returned to the Tree but Hear Me Out Here

As always, full discussion after the break for all three of you who actually read these. :derpytongue2:

I wonder if you can do multiple page breaks or if that would break the site... Anyway, onto the topic at hand.

I won't lie, I get chills in the final part of Welcome to the Show where all of the students are singing, and the M7 are all ponied up and Sunset's red beam travels up the rainbow and forms the alicorn egg thing. There's something special about hearing so many people all singing together in, well, harmony.

So, Sunset Shimmer is a Bearer of one of the Elements of Harmony, without a doubt. I mean, look at the Friendship Games and Daydream Shimmer! Especially based off of that, I am pretty confident in assuming that Sunset is an alternate Bearer of the Element of Magic. (So where does that leave Midnight Sparkle, who fed on the power of the Elements' expression without actually being friends with any of the others? Well, she transformed in accord with her own desire for knowledge so... she could have turned into something benevolent under different circumstances. I'd say she's a 'High Chance Maybe' for being another alternate bearer.)

Now, is this just a human-world thing? Perhaps. Is this just relating to the Element of Magic? Possibly.

But what if it's not? Let's look at more evidence.

Celestia and Luna. They have been shown to wield three of the Elements each, and Celestia once used them all.

So if one pony can use more than one of the Elements, then an Element being born by multiple ponies is not unfeasible, right? Certainly they have changed hooves from the Princesses to our M6. I know everyone assumes that their connection to the Elements broke after the whole Nightmare Moon incident, but I don't recall that ever actually being stated in the show itself. More likely, Celestia couldn't bring herself to use them again after what she did with them before, and Luna herself no longer feels worthy of them.

So could there be more Bearers? I say, yes. After all, what exactly linked them to our M6 in the first place? A single act displaying their connection, interpreted by Twilight. Applejack was called Honest for telling Twilight to let go, but could Twilight have seen it as one of the others instead? Let's see - the act of sliding down from her own grip to hold her up could have been Kindness in wanting to help her, Generosity in giving up her own safety, or Loyalty in sticking by her until Rainbow Dash was in place. Fluttershy's taming of the Manticore could have been Honesty in showing the truth behind the Manticore's behaviour, or Generosity or Loyalty in risking her life for the others by taking out the thorn and potentially enraging the Manticore further, Rarity's donation of her tail could have been Kindness and so on.

So really, anypony who accompanied Twilight and got them through the trials could have been any of the Elements. In theory, anypony who befriends one of the M6 and displays at least one of the traits of the Elements could contribute to the use of them against an enemy as an Alternate Bearer. I know the physical Elements themselves have returned to the Tree, but Rainbow Power and the Map? Still there. Still usable. (Hey, what would happen if they used Rainbow Power on the Map, with a little bit of that 'anywhere in Equestria' magic? Solve your friendship problems remotely!)

Back in Equestria, would the addition of another secondary/alternate Bearer also produce an alicorn construct? Is this an avatar of Harmony? Would it look more pony-like in the pony world vs the human world? Would more alternate bearers make it bigger? Could there one day be a villain so huge and powerful that... maybe all of the (non-current villain/antagonists because why would they help) characters that have ever been on the show, all of the friends that the M6 have made over the course of the seasons, all of their allies and families and everyone... maybe they'd all have to band together, probably in Ponyville. All of these characters, facing down a foe far greater than any before(Grogar? ANGRY Smooze? Something entirely new? Flurry Heart?), united together behind the Mane Six as the power of the Elements within them grows. All of them together, in Harmony, as each of their lights beam upwards in a rainbow, a rainbow of all of their colours mixing into a bright, white, light that almost hurts to look at. A beam of light that finally coalesces into another alicorn avatar, only this time, it is far bigger. It towers over the town, over the enemy, over Canterlot's mountain. An alicorn made of light and hope, of wishes and love and Harmony. Or, you know, the Alicorn of Rainbow DeathFriendship Beams.

Okay, so maybe this is also my ultimate hope for either the movie or the true finale of the show, but come on, wouldn't it be epic? Especially if there was a song like the end of Welcome to the Show, just more, well, finale-ish. I don't know.

I feel like that was a slight tangent but, eh. :twilightsheepish:

The whole 'multiple Bearers' thing could also segue neatly into the whole Guardians of Harmony thing, and leave the door open for the next generation of pony, possibly.

So, what do you think?

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