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Cerulean Voice

Father of twin 5yo boys, partner of Arcelia, and so glad to be back.

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    Well that was a bust

    One person showed up to watch me play and complete The Last of Us in one sitting, in all the 13 hours and 40 mins it took me on Hard mode.

    I'd like to thank Flashgen, The Albinocorn, and PaulAsaran for attempting to signal boost me, and Albinocorn again for actually being that one who showed up :rainbowlaugh:

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    24 hour charity stream: TLoU (PS3) in prep for TLoU2 (PS4 Pro)

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    The beginning of the end of the beginning of the end

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    Essenza di Amore 5 year anniversary, Happy 2020, and I can't believe I just typed either of those

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    You know you've made it when

    The ponyfic equivalent of the Hall of Fame comes knocking on your door.

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>mfw I realise I didn't give anyone at Bronycon a taste of Vegemite® · 5:58pm Jul 12th, 2016

... a much more informative and descriptive blog coming Soon™

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Comments ( 12 )

I am pleased by the lack of Vegemite.

You have failed your people.

Oh i would walk 3.5 miles, and i would walk 3.5 more, just to be the man who walked through Baltimore at 4am just to get to my hotel and pass out on the floor...

Oh hai Cerulean :pinkiehappy:

You have failed the Australian people.

Shame on you Cerulean, shame on you :)

Author Interviewer

aw shit son, you can feed me Vegemite anyday, so long as I'm on camera :V


For shame, CV, for shame.

Those at Bronycon should count their blessings. That stuff was nasty.

Dude. You hauled your Australianness all the way to the con, left it smeared all over everything, and now you're moaning that you didn't get enough Down Under on us? Crik--

--oh gods I'm infected

BRB, driving to the emergency room. If you don't hear from me soon tell the police to put out a dropbear alert.

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