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I'm just a random user who writes a lot of different ideas that pop into my strange mind, and ships almost everything imaginable.

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    So I know I said this like a year ago now, but I may finally be coming back to this site to write. Knowing my luck, stuff will get super busy the day after I make this (I joke but I think that's the exact thing that happened last year lmao), but here's to hoping for the better.

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    Hey, it's fitting that I come back on the first day of advent, so I can post a Christmas pony for you all!

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    Hello everyone! I know I have been gone for a while (since early August I think? That's been... a long time :rainbowderp:) and I would like to explain why.

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    Hello, everyone! I'm writing a new one-shot that wormed its way into my brain earlier, and would love to have a few proofreaders review my story. If you like proofreading and would like to help out, comment below! You will be credited in the description of my story, and I will also (hopefully) find a way to integrate one of your OCs into one of my stories if you wish to (sort of) repay you.

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    Hello! :pinkiehappy: For whatever reason, I had a huge urge to draw some little things tonight, and ended up doodling some Chosen Love characters that I thought you might like to see!

    If you are not caught up, don't look! There's some spoilers!

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Blaze It · 2:00am Jul 12th, 2016

So I was looking through my old stories (many of them are so cringy ughhhh) and I saw Illuminati Confirmed, one of those silly stories I wrote.

Wait... what is that I spy?


These MLG edits always make me laugh so hard :rainbowlaugh:

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