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Pirates, Pirates, Pirates. · 11:41pm Jul 11th, 2016

So here it is, and ain't it lovely! The artist dronehunter19 seems to only get better, but why am I not surprised, practice makes perfect.

The pirates themselves have a lot of different inspiration behind them, from your classic pirates, unintentionally a bit of water world, and a heavy dalop of the Gods Militia from Wasteland 2. The Idea being that the west equestrian navy survived the war, and under their corrupted admiral, the fleet over time grew into something a kin to a nomadic nation of sea raiders. I've dropped little bits about their society, where yeas, there is an upper class that lords over the rest, but also that they are so spread apart that it's not an overwhelming concern for them.

Probably one of the most divers civilizations in the post war era, this is mostly do to them bonding over religion over race, which sounds all nice, until you find out that their religion is about domination. In a way they are a bit like the Covenant from the Halo games, were many different races come together under religions dogma. If I were to compare it to any religion in our world, it would have to be the Muslim religion. It's something I have not gone that much into yet, but the idea is that the religion heavenly relays on Indoctrination, and forcing other civilizations to adapt to their culture. The big difference is that the pirates have mostly made their lives on raiding, so little time has gone into speeding their religion passed their own ships. But the effect would mostly be the same, if kept in small numbers, they would be relatively peaceful, but more of them their are in a civalization, the bolder they get in converting others, and more radicals you would see.

That said, there are other sub groups withing the pirate fleet, such as the Corps Brigade, who were promptly fetuerd in my second story, lead by Victoria Rosary. They differ from the rest of the fleet as they see Victoria as a new profit, and take in her sacred blood. (the shit put in Star Charte's eye) Changing them into something less of a pony, and more something darker. The isnspartion for Victoria, and her Corps Brigade is something I had developed for a long time, and tend to be a default group type I use in fantasy and science fiction. The overall idea is that their an army of ravenous mutants, often mentally unstable, but also cruelly clever. Victoria had always been patient zero, an wealthy young woman, who secretly was a bio weapon made to control crowds. Later she would become a monster, and infect others, but staying sane enough to turn some of the infected into her minions, this would become the Corps Brigade, a neutral to neutral evil group that is as hard to kill as cockroaches. Translated into fallout ponies, Victoria becomes a mysterious character who is violent, controls a gange of youths, and has access to a strange serum that mutates ponies. To say the least, Victoria will be returning in another story.

Thanks for reading, I'm a bit low on energy, and the heat is getting to me, so later, and good night.

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I like these kind of factions. Adds some extra bit of flavor to the FoE-verse.

And of course, you know, they're PIRATES!

4103135 Ya, and the fun part, is that they can have factions with in the factions. So there can be a hole mess of trouble when their around.

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