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Summer Dancer

On Wednesdays, we wear PINK!

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    So, Uh, How Bout That Endgame, Huh?

    Ha ha..


    Weeps in a non-spoilery way

    But legit good movie, I'm wounded in the best possible way! :pinkiehappy:

    Careful with spoilers out there...

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    Happy New Year 2019!



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    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas and Warm Wishes to you and yours! Didja get what you wanted this year? Have a wonderful day, everybody, and let's get ready for the New Year!

    2019 is fast approaching...can you believe it? :rainbowderp:

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  • 217 weeks

    BUT I'M FEELING 22! C'ause it's my Birthday today! :yay:

    I've been waiting sooooo long to play that song on this day

    Whoo! :pinkiehappy:

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    Goodbye, Stan Lee

    You've been an inspiration to us all. A beautiful man who has lead a long, beautiful life. God Bless you, and thank you for sharing your creations with the world.

    And, Happy Veterans Day everyone :heart:

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THAT MOMENT WHEN · 8:37pm Jul 11th, 2016


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Here, this is another picture to sum that feeling up.

And that is why I chose to live in the family cottage in the Arctic. Nobody but me here during the summer! :pinkiehappy:
Just... four months... in the cold... and endless isolation...

But yeah, that stinks. :facehoof:

That's why we have locks on our doors:ajsmug:

Sadly I forget them when I use the toilet:twilightoops:

4084775 The Arctic? Oh my! :pinkiegasp:
4084780 Everything. :raritycry:

Ok shower not fun but let's face it... There are WAY worse things he could have walked in on.

That said he didn't knock before entering?? Maybe it's just my family but if the doors not open you knock first and wait a bit

4084800 It's really my fault for forgetting to lock the door :twilightblush: Still pretty eehhh :fluttershyouch:

That's why I lock the door... only for them to unlock it though they hear the water running... then complain that I should have locked the damn door... scratch that my brothers are as smart as a sack of rocks sinking to the bottom of a lake.

4084749 *hugs* Poor Dew, the only girl in your family.

4084836 same problem but reversed growing up. Only boy in the family in a house of 7.

4084837 It's true, ones a security guard and often says "I'm a Security Officer". Ask him the difference he says one can have mace while on the job, the other can't. But neither can do anything physical during a situation.

Another is currently dating a woman who's cheating on him with two other guys, while tricking him into paying her to do this. Not joking, he bought her a truck and when he gets his check from the armed forces he practically gives her every cent. I've told him what is going on and that he's thinking with his balls more than his brain. His exact words, "But I love her." My exact words, "No... no you don't. You're lusting after her because you're easily led around by sweet talk. There's a difference and it's sad you don't get it or want to see it."

The last one... well I don't talk about that one. Because I don't keep track of that one.

4084841 Wow, talk about the problems you might have pending their age.

What happened... (in detail...)

4084911 He just walked in, I screamed, then he ran back out :rainbowlaugh:

What's your problem with that song? :rainbowlaugh: I mean, it's very meme-able, yes, but...?

4084937 (Awwwww...)

What, you're not into that?

4085092 Haha, I love that song, it just describes a lot of life moments :rainbowlaugh:

That moment when your older brother is on top bunk and he suddenly wets the bed
but now you get top bunk
Not worth it...

We have shower curtains ;)
But he has, a lot. I may have thrown a shampoo bottle at him once, as well... he he.

I'm never gonna escape that song.
*curls up into a ball*
I need more therapy. *turns on Brocas Helm's Cry of the Banshee* Ahhh... Much better.

Weeeeeeyyyyaaallllll, both of my younger siblings barged into the bathroom once, and I was singing a song terribly and didn't even notice WTF???!!!!!!
So, eventually I heard them giggling their behinds off and I um.....might have yelled a few....curse words at them....heheheheheheheheheheheheheehhehehehehhe:pinkiecrazy:

4085247 Apparently it describes a lot of people's moments :rainbowlaugh:

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