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Overwatch · 9:04pm Jul 8th, 2016

Hey there, everypony! Just came to tell you that I got Overwatch!

Yep the bandwagon has been boarded! :rainbowlaugh: I have to say that I'm loving this game so far. I say that as I've already had my rear end handed to me twice, but yah know, I still love it. Thankfully it isn't as hard as I thought it'd be.

So if anyone wants to join me whenever I get the chance to get on, then that'd be cool. That is if anyone is interested. (If so then I'll send you my username either as a comment and or PM).

But other than that, hope you guys are all having a lovely day! :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 5 )

I play Overwatch, dabble in HearthStone, i get into the ranked matchs of Heroes of the Storm and I do play WoW, yeah bit of a Blizzard Entertainment Fanatic here, though people have gotten me into Star Wars The Old Republic

4078539 Cool. I've only recently just started up. And boy is Overwatch fun. :yay:

4079724 It's also a pain in the ass sometimes. More or less it all depends on (and this just me) on luck, a good team composition, and a good team coordination. Last night gave me a show to how when two of those things aren't met, and so I lost two rounds. :rainbowlaugh:

4080167 indeed, I know that feeling

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