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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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  • 1 week
    Nightmare Night Chapter 38 draft complete

    It's now with prereaders with the working title of Agni Kai, for its Avatar - The Last Airbender-inspired firebending battle—though that's far from the only thing it references. It's currently coming in at just shy of 16k words, meaning it'll probably be over 17k by the time I'm through with editing passes and all the additional detail I usually add.

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  • 1 week
    Nightmare Night update/teaser and good news for Feathered Hearts fans

    The new Nightmare Night chapter is now well over 14k words and climbing as it's still not finished. I have one more sequence and transition to complete, which will likely leave this up over 16k words by the time all editing passes/prereads are done. That's on the verge of needing to be split up, but I'll try to avoid that, as I'd honestly prefer this epic battle of friends-turned-foes to

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  • 2 weeks
    January 11 Update - Nightmare Night

    The next chapter of Nightmare Night is well underway and currently coming at a slow to moderate clip. I've got 6100 words down so far and as these are the story's climactic chapters, there's a good chance that this will double that length before all is said and done. I think now that the entirity of the Sunset/Twilight duel will be done in one chapter as opposed to two, though.

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  • 3 weeks
    New Eros chapter in the books; Nightmare Night on deck

    Though after the intense writing effort I put into the latest entry of Eros—I put a ton of work in on it, so if you read it, please comment, folks! —I’ll probably wait a day or two before starting the new chapter of Nightmare Night to try to recharge mentally.

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  • 3 weeks
    One day delay on new Eros chapter...

    it will launch Monday night to allow for another editing pass and hopefully the final finished preread. Sorry for the delay, but I want to sleep on it and come back to it tomorrow before I pronounce it fit for reader consumption.

    EDIT: Launched early Monday afternoon after final preread was in and another editing pass completed. Enjoy!

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Next TLaTU chapter about 3/4s done... · 2:12pm Jul 7th, 2016

Aiming for a weekend release. I'm sorry I've gone incognito, but work has been a royal bitch lately, even more so than The Nightmare. No joke, I updated my resume this weekend and put it out looking for feelers. I'm going to try to find a new job.

But... that doesn't stop me from working on the new chapter, which is probably going to be around a nice even 10k words. 7k plus already written, and here's the opener...

Twilight wasn't certain what was happening to her. But she couldn’t help but feel she deserved it.

It felt like there were icy tendrils inside her, making her feel cold where she had never felt cold before--a cold caress that neither respected her power of fire or any other magic she knew. She was only half-aware of events around her, dimly cognizant of a courtroom and the back and forth of Mia Fey and Nightmare Moon. She knew she was on trial for hurting and raping Phoenix, she recognized that fact only too well, his angry words and accusations still echoing in her heart. Worse, she had killed him and then he had returned a spirit of vengeance…

Something was wrong with that, but she couldn’t quite seem to grasp what. Sometimes she swore she heard a second voice of Phoenix calling to her in frantic despair, but it was always muffled and fleeting, and quickly subsumed by the angry words and accusations of the first Phoenix, reciting her litany of sins and abuses.

I hurt a stallion… I hurt MY stallion… the thought echoed in her mind over and over, the icy tendrils sinking into her even deeper as she felt the certainty of it grip her. And behind them she could sense a powerful presence, cold and cloying yet offering her warmth and comfort, promising her an end to her torment if she would but let it in. Promises of absolution, promises of having the love and friendships she was certain she’d forever lost.

Despite the temptation, she resisted, some part of her insisting she was in danger and the voice’s words were a lie, but the more she heard the deeper her despair became. The possibility she may have raped Phoenix in his sleep. The increasing certainty she had been using him, magically influencing him all this time. Or worse, that everything they knew and felt had been a lie, if not due to her influence than to not-always-well-meaning others...

And therefore… can ANYTHING we have be real…? Nightmare Moon’s words echoed in her head once more, bringing tears to her eyes anew.

It can be, Twilight Sparkle… her voice came again. If you simply accept your guilt and punishment. If you simply surrender yourself to me, and allow me to make everything right… she cooed softly, letting her feel the barest hint of warmth. With my help, you will know friendship and the love of Phoenix Wright. He will never wish to leave you again… she promised. Join me, and we will spread that love and friendship throughout your world and if you wish… the human one as well….?

I… I… Twilight felt herself drifting closer to the embrace of the voice’s owner, only to hear a sharp objection. Her fall into darkness was arrested as she again saw a winged human, a warm and inviting light surrounding her, reaching for her.

Do not give in, Twilight… she told her, offering her a hand. Phoenix is here. I am here. We will not leave you… Mia Fey’s voice promised. We will show you truth, and then you will find your inner strength once more…

She is MINE, spirit! The voice fought back, its owner wrapping her tendrils more tightly around the violet unicorn, trying to keep the human woman’s voice from her quarry’s ears. And angel or no, you cannot take her from me!

That’s true. I can’t without hurting her… Mia Fey’s voice acknowledged, the pair somehow arguing in her own head, confusing Twilight further. But Twilight herself is another matter. I promise that before this trial is done, she will reject your lies and expel you herself...

We shall see, Mia Fey, the voice replied, an edge of anger in it. And I promise that before this trial is done, we shall know both whose will is stronger and whose wits are sharper...

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looks vary interesting.

A new job? Good luck, dude. Good f*cking luck.

We shall see, Mia Fey, the voice replied, an edge of anger in it. And I promise that before this trial is done, we shall know both whose will is stronger and whose wits are sharper...

Phoenix's. I'm sure enough of that.

Do you want me to preread this at all?

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