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And on the third day - the number of the BEAST! · 3:02am Jul 7th, 2016

It happened tonight as I looked at the readership of "Born that way":

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Comments ( 4 )

hail potato!:derpytongue2:
a potato's favorite number is 666:pinkiecrazy:


Wow! Recursive reference is recursive reference is recur... :trollestia:


PS - I'm fascinated to hear that potatoes favorite number is 666. I never knew that, But then then I never talked with them, I just picked 'em from ground, tossed them in a barrel, and let the farmer do the rest. You see, I used to pick potatoes when I was a teenager. Great way to make a few bucks in the fall and save up for Christmas presents. Small farming towns in New-Brunswick used to have a two week school holiday in late September for the harvest. Then all the farmers switched to harvesters and the tradition disappeared. So much for the romantic days of child labour!

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