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Writer, Actor, Singer, Rapper, Aspiring Brony Voice Actor, Artist, Funny Guy, College Student & Aspiring History Teacher. I'm just a guy who wants to make an impact or mark in one way, shape or form.

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    It's been a good long while since I've logged onto this site. I haven't paroozed around much, but I don't care right now. I'm going to be serious for a minute. The site, and fandom as a whole, has a huge nazi and pedophile issue that needs to be addressed and better actions need to be taken. Sure we have outed out pedophiles in the past (toonkritic, performance major, etc.) but more and more are

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    So, plans going forward:

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BronyCon 2016!! · 5:36pm Jul 6th, 2016

The day after tomorrow is BronyCon guys and I am supper hyped!! I've been waiting a year for this day and it's within reach. So, I will be (well, at least panning to be) visiting a lot of panels and autograph sessions on Friday of the convention. On Saturday, theres only a few things I want to see, so I'll be a bit more open.

Who do I plan to meet, well my buddy DeluxMagnum will be there and I hope to bump into him. Majin Syeekoh will be with Delux and I know him from the NJ bronies group. Nice to run into a fellow jersey boy. I know Admiral Biscut is going and it'd be nice to run into him. The horse famous people I would love too see there would be Black Gryph0n, Jennabun, ILoveKimPossibleALot, Saber Spark, ACRacebest, Baasik, DustyKat (ran into him last year, nice guy), Stormlight, Piemations and GameNut321. I also hope to run into Tara Strong, Andria Libman, Tabatha St. Germaine and Ashleigh Ball too! I am going to the Mane Six pannel, so yeah. Hoping to run into Larson cause I met him last year and Im pretty sure he's going this year too. He gave my sister a hug last time. Let me tell you, that dude is tall. Also be prepared to become an Alicorn (Lol). So anyway, hope to see some of you crazy mofo's at BronyCon 2016!!

'til next time


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