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Off to Bronycon! · 1:49am Jul 6th, 2016

God willing, within 24 hours I should be in the lovely* city of Baltimore to chill with everypony at Bronycon. If last year is any indication, you will find me hanging out off and on at Quills and Sofas, probably with my back against a wall of some description and trying to not look terrified. For more concrete ways to see me, check out my two panels, both on Friday night: Advanced Writing at 6:30, and Writing Comedy II at 9:30.

Speaking of comedy, I find it hilarious that my tablet's autocorrect knows and prompts me to use the word "everypony" in this context.

* city may not actually be lovely

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Comments ( 22 )
Majin Syeekoh

I will see you at both panels.

And around Bronycon.

Parts of Baltimore are quite nice and I'm so so sorry for any terror I may have inadvertantly caused you last year. I'll try and leave you be if that's a preference.:facehoof:

As a local baltimorian I would take offense to that... if it weren't at least partially true. Hope you get to see the better parts of the city. See you there :ajsmug:

Wish I could go, but if anyone deserves to be there its you!

I will definitely see you at Bronycon.

probably with my back against a wall of some description and trying to not look terrified

For all stars' love, you're safe in Q&S. :derpytongue2: I'm not going to chloroform you and drag you into a dark corner for infiltrator replacement when you expect it.

Besides, too many witnesses.

See you there!

Well, from a properly non-terrifying distance.

I swear I will get back to Baltimore one year. :raritydespair:

Stitchwolf and I both look forward to finally meeting you after all these years!

Boy it came up crazy fast. See you there!

It's in no way you. I'm just having an unusually delicate time of it this year. That said, I just packed my Confidence Hat and am feeling stronger as a result.

Boy howdy indeed, it's been forever. I knew Stitchwolf before he was called that.

Hee. I remember when I noticed my computer's spellcheck finally gave in and stopped putting red lines under the words in my ponyfic reviews and related texts for that sort of thing.

Hope you have fun at the con!

Only a fool does that sort of thing himself. That's what hired untraceable muscle is for.

So you ARE going to BronyCon again! I was actually going to ask if you were going again on multiple occasions but never actually did. I'll be there again too. This time I'll be hidden away in the vendor hall a lot of the time, but I will still find you...

4071834 Oh hon, All i can offer is huge and tasty candy I'm afraid. But I'm a pretty good listener too.

Hope you have a profitable con! Although I know from my own vendor con experiences, sometimes you just wanna break even. :pinkiesmile:

Totes gonna see you again this year and more yay!

The city was not lovely.

It never is, darling.

Although Druid Hill was pretty nice, when we went out there.

4098312 I almost got run over by a car when I fell in the street. My knees still hate me.

I tried to stay on the elevated sidewalks as much as possible for that very reason; I had a little scare last year at a bad intersection. Sorry to hear that. :fluttershysad:

4098318 At least I got to use the phrase 'the hotel was broken' in my blog post. I can't argue with that.

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