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The 4th · 3:45am Jul 5th, 2016

Happy 4th of July to all my fellow American's out there. I figured I'd share a story about this, our nations greatest day.

Years ago, back when I lived out in the country with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend at the time came out and shot fireworks. It was a fun night, but they decided to place all the fireworks into our garbage can. Usually, we would just leave them on the rocky driveway and pick them up in the morning. However, my dad wasn't there as my parents were getting a divorce at the time, so he didn't tell them not to do it.

Later on in the night after they left, it was about midnight and I was doing my laundry like I for some reason always did at night. I noticed some light out shining in the backyard, so I opened the back door and looked out. There was a bright light coming from the side of the house where we park our cars.

I quickly rushed out to the front of the house and saw the flames rising up and soaking my mothers SUV, just as another guy was rushing up to our house. He yelled out "Did ya'll know this was on fire!?". Thinking back on it, it's pretty funny that he asked that.

Firetrucks came, people stood and watched, my mother cried a bunch. Luckily, no one was injured from the flames. Of course, they did do a lot of damage. The side of the house was burned off, but luckily it was one of those manufactured homes, so no real damage except to the plastic siding. The big hit was my mother's car, it was parked right next to the garbage can. The fire might not have been so bad except for the fact that her car's tire caught fire and released all the air, fueling the flames.

Funnily enough, the fire was right on my bedroom's side, so I would have been the first to go. I'm pretty happy that I no longer live there, nor do my parents own the house. It wasn't cursed, not like the house I live in now, but it certainly wasn't blessed.


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