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    There I think that title should grab some attention...

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Caramel's Story needs to be featured on EQD · 9:32pm Sep 7th, 2012

There I think that title should grab some attention...

To those who don't know I'm a big fan of shipping (Enchanted being my own attempt) the characters Applejack and the background pony Caramel but they would never have come to my attention without the comic Caramel's Story on Devieantart (where you find more of my mediocre fanficton) http://despisedandbeloved.deviantart.com/art/Caramel-s-Story-253189691 Story and concept created by CaramelMLP http://caramelmlp.deviantart.com/ and dialogue and artwork by DespisedandBeloved or D3 to others http://despisedandbeloved.deviantart.com/(also the guy from the Ask Written Script Tumblr http://askwrittenscript.tumblr.com/) The story is about Caramel from his first meeting with Applejack in Manehatten to him moving to Ponyville and becoming a farmhoof at Sweet Apple Acres. The story is currently 11 chapters in and going strong. But it deserves more love than its getting, that is why I am bringing it to your attention and challneging you all to make sure this awesome comic and its creators get the praise they deserve.

DarthSylar12 signing off, see you in Brighter Days!

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