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Chapter 7 of "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!" was finished early! Have another preview! · 9:34pm Jul 4th, 2016

Howdy, fans of the flurry one among the princesses!

I just finished writing a surprise chapter of "Princess Flurry Heart, Destroyer of Worlds!". "Surprise chapter", because the chapter was supposed to be about something else first. I was just writing a little introduction for it before I would went to the really important part, then I realized that I just wrote an opportunity to build something into the fic that needed to be there anyway and after having started writing that part, I also realized it is crucial enough for the story to need its own chapter.
So I ended up with an additional chapter that wasn't planned before. It's completely written, proofread and even put up here on FIMFiction.net and formatted already! All it needs is clicking a button and it's available for your reading pleasure! Planned release day is Wednesday.
And because I'm so early this time, I give you another preview! Here's a little hint on what you can expect from Chapter 7 "The Strangest Day":

As the dull feeling in her mind had subsided, Flurry Heart stopped flying around and returned to the cloud she was sitting on earlier. All that was left now was the feeling of exhaustion. Flurry let herself fall back into the soft, white mass under her and crossed her hooves behind her head. From here, she could see the sun and so she just watched the celestial body she loved so much with fascination. While focusing her attention on it, Flurry Heart realized that she was getting tired. Her body started to relax and she felt dozy all over it. She didn't want to fall asleep now, though. As divine as she imagined it to sleep on a cloud high up in the skies, she rather wanted to fly home soon; she was hungry, there was homework to do and of course she had to ask her mom and dad why they named her “Flurry Heart”, to fulfill the assignment of her teacher. She could sleep on a cloud once all of this was done. All she wanted to do now was lying awake on the cloud while letting her thoughts go adrift for some minutes.
Flurry Heart blinked a few times to chase away the sleep. All of a sudden, she felt something getting placed on her belly. Flurry felt confused by that, she was alone up here, after all. Yawning, she rubbed one of her eyes and opened them slowly, only to find her sight blurry. She rubbed over both eyes and eventually, she could see the sky above her as well as before. The sun wasn't exactly at the same position anymore, did she fall asleep anyway?
Flurry Heart was thrown out of her thoughts as she felt somepony moving to her right. Her view was still a bit obscured, so she couldn't see who was lying down at her side.

Who is the mysterious pony joining Flurry Heart? And what does it want?

I let you find out in two days, stay tuned until then!

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