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  • 12 weeks
    Just want to wish everyone a happy 4th of July

    Stay safe, Stay healthy, and stay sane my friends. More to come soon.

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  • 14 weeks

    Yeah, I was gone a while. Almost four years... last I checked. Stuff's happened, none of which I want to touch on right now due to the soreness still present. Just know that it involves family deaths and suffering both physical and emotional... not to mention the current political, biological, and sociological climate affecting the world, which has already left scars on me. I am very much lucky

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  • 144 weeks
    Happy holidays to all...

    ...because I sure as heck ain't having a "happy" time 'round my neck of the woods, heh.

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  • 182 weeks
    El primero de April = solo voy a ablar en Español!

    Asi es, mis amigos y amigas. Porque es el primero the April, voy a solamente a ablar en puro Español. Para los que no sabian que yo soy un hablador nativo de Español, ahora es claro. Porsupuesto, an sido various años desde que yo he tubido qe escribir tanto en my lenguage nativo.

    Y ahora, disfruten su primero the April. Yo voy a disfrutar my tiempo. Ja, ja, ja, ja!

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  • 183 weeks

    So, this has happened:

    I'm surprised, shocked, and unbelievably happy. Success has been had. Thanks to all who helped me get this out. Expect more in the coming weeks, because I've got a few more stories to tell. Heh

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Happy 4th. · 8:57pm Jul 4th, 2016

Happy 4th to all fellow 'muricans.

Sorry I have not been doing well with updating. Have not had stable net. Will post pictures of the convention soon as I can.

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