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Two chapter postings in one (long) weekend! · 3:30pm Jul 3rd, 2016

Well after two months of being busier than a socially incorrect metaphor at a meeting of Hypersensitives Anonymous, (it's just like the internet, but without LCD screens) I have actually managed to post a new one-shot: Pas de Deux and chapter four of O Blessed Night: Come the Revolution.

This only took two long weekends in a row - one of the many great advantages of living in Montreal! And I have to admit being very pleased at the reception Pas de Deux has had, with almost the same chapter reads in three days as O Blessed Night in almost three months. There's no denying that Shipfics are just way more popular than more "serious" categories. However, I'm even more pleased at the number of bookshelf adds that Pas de Deux has generated.

This is the third (overt) shipfic I've published, again as part of a contest. To my surprise, all three were very well received. I guess there are plenty of folks who actually like a "serious" shipfic when one is published. Kinda makes my often stated antipathy towards shipping seem just a little bit prejudicial, perhaps! I'l have to think some more on that.

Anyways, chapter four of O Blessed Night is the pivotal chapter that finally sees all the key actors in play, and sets in motion the main arc of the story. I hope you enjoy it.

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