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    Sun is still a hoe

    And gay af. But she's my gay af hoe. She posted her last blog but big bet she'll come after this blog. Anyways ive been looking through my blogs and damn I was unique kid. LOL uhum i dont really have anything to say im pretty sure most of my friends on here are doing their own things now. Ahem if you guys want to still contact me tho my discord is


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    I just found Undertale's soundtrack on spotify. . . WHAT IS MY LAIFU

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    When you have that one friend who is fake af

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    -Lies so often.
    -pretends about something he's not.
    -Makes sure you know he has a life better than yours.

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    Friend made a speedpaint

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    Im going through all my old blogs

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    2.) Sometimes I wish they never happened
    3.) I was pure cringe
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My Top 11 Favorite RWBY Songs! · 3:42am Jun 29th, 2016

11. Boop
Look it's fucking canon (Meaning the song) Hahahah Nora loves Ren. But they aren't TOGETHER together. XD (Anyone... no?)

10. Caffeine
Because this is the shit I drink all day. ( I drink coffee a lot, and if you see my user page favorite drink is ice coffee)

9. Die
Fucking fight scene. XD

8. Best Day Ever
BECAUSE I LOVE THE DAMN "FIGHT" SCENE!!! And Whiteroseshipping is spotted. XD Also it's so dramatic as fuck.

7. Dream Come True
If yall don't know this is an Arkosshipping song.

6. Shine

5. Mirror Mirror
I mean... even thought it's meh waifu's song, I like the other's better. XP (I still love you Weiss) And dat piano :D dem skillz lol. jk jk. *Dies from Waifu*

4. Red Like Roses
I mean... eh... It's better than ^ And I really like to sing it XD Like holy crap that fight scene.

3. Gold
Am I the only one that thinks this is a bumblebee song in a way? Just me? ok.

2. I Burn (Yellow Trailer)
This is my dancing shit, and It's a 4 in one. XD

1. From Shadows

*Tries to learn it on the piano then fails* FUCKING SHIT!

Ahahahahahahaha! That's it! Thanks for listening and reading. XD

What's your top ten list? or favorite songs out of the show?

Report Snow Bullet · 314 views · #RWBY
Comments ( 16 )

i would've bitched at you if you didn't mention bumblebee ono

good job

you know me too well ono

When most of the links don't work and you worked on the blog for 30mins. *dies*

When I saw the song title for #6 I thought "Oh my god I love this song!*" but then realized that it wasn't the song I was thinking of.

Seriously though, Imma bout ready to go look up some damn guitar tabs. There were some badass intrumentals that I liked. I'm gonna just guess right now and go with they're in Drop C#.


*/\This is the song I was thinking of. /(T-T)/

4055349 Sorry?


4055352 Lol, nice song. XD

The one problem with Die: I'd much prefer to live, thank you.

4055360 Thanks! The song is easy to play, and then the solo came and made me wanna snap some strings.

4055378 Trns out all the tabs on Ultimate guitar for RWBY related songs are either chords (which I'm shit at) or bass tabs.

Kill me now.

*Tries to learn it on the piano then fails* FUCKING SHIT!


Me whenever I'm trying to learn Megalovania too (or anything for that matter)

*Doesn't see This Will Be The Day*


It's a shame that the S1 sountrack isn't on Amazon to buy.

Also, what about This will be the Day? :rainbowderp:

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