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Ask King Sombra - Did he Survive? · 1:46am Jun 29th, 2016

(image by Ask King Sombra)

Spoilers for the blog, Ask King Sombra.

My heart hurts right now so much I can barely breathe. After reading Ask King Sombra last night on Tumblr, I couldn't stop crying. It was only because of my amazing husband and a wonderful friend, Askre, fellow Sombraphile and very good writer of our King, that I could stop crying long enough today to go to work and actually function.

Askre sent me the newest chapter of his story, Possession in the Crystal Empire to proofread. He was afraid it would make me sadder, bless his heart, and warned me, but I felt like nothing anyone else can do to my favorite Umbrum would make me feel any worse than I already did. Askre, I apologize if I confused you further by explaining why your story actually made me feel better!

I kept asking myself last night as I stared aghast at the screen at what Kingsley was going through if I was losing my mind, crying so much over a character I had grow so fond of these past few months. But no matter what I told myself, the tears kept spilling from my eyes and didn't stop, even when my Brony husband came home last night to find me in such a mess.

In the end I have to conclude that this is part of what makes my readers say I am a good writer. If you can't gut yourself over the characters and scenes you craft for them and yourself, how will you ever get them vested in what you are creating? It would be utterly and completely impossible as that isn't how we are wired. We are hardwired to love them. Let NO ONE tell you otherwise! They are our babies, our children. We write the stories of how they begin, their trials and tribulations, their growth and sometimes, as painful as it is, their end.

At this point, with the next AKS Tumblr update coming tomorrow, I honestly don't know whether to say his journey is over. Isn't that insane, though? We SAW his form splitting and cracking in the brilliant, all-encompassing light of the crystal heart, just as in the series. But I have been warned you never know what to expect of his mod, Wiggles. Yet all I can see is Kingsley shattering, his companion Coffee Talk in tears (remember last blog I said I had doubts since she wasn't crying? Welp yep, she was crying in this latest update) and the final Tumblr comment saying, "Goodnight Kingsley".

Goodnight, bravest of ponies who took the monster he had finally expelled back into himself to rid Equestria and the Crystal Empire of its menace. May your Sleep be deeply peaceful and untroubled, Sweet Prince.

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What you write should move you. You should laugh and cry as you read your own stories. If what you write doesn't move you, don't expect anyone else to be moved, either. In the end, no matter what the genre, we read stories to be moved.

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