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Turing Test (and Colby Green) go to Crystal Mountain Ponycon! · 1:09am Jun 29th, 2016

So, a little while ago, my good pal and illustrator Colby Green went to Crystal Mountain Ponycon in Salt Lake City. It made sense, him being a native of the great acceptable extant state of Utah and all. He had a great time, but in a move that I think was unbelievably cool... he took some of the pictures of Turing Test from The Iron Horse and got other people to draw her! :pinkiegasp:

In fact, here's his badge, featuring a pointy-pony style version of the mechanical mare herself! Check below the break for more renditions of her!

This pic by Eilonwy Kimball captures a distinctly glamorous side to Turing, I think. Very show-pony, dahling!

Maddie M (sorry, can't quite make out her last name) did one that's a bit closer to the original cover image of Turing Test...

...while Katie Drakeheart emphasizes her mechanical side a bit more. Note that Ms. Drakeheart is known for her plushies, which are pretty darned adorable. I'd ask for a plush Turing Test... but maybe I can convince her to weld together a metal one. :trixieshiftright:

Colby didn't get the name of the guy who did this one. Definitely a different style, though. She almost looks like something in a dystopian future.

This sketch by Queen Unicorn makes me want to give my own OC a hug. Awww. :fluttercry:

Befish has probably the most rudimentary of the bunch, but I think this slender look kind of works for her nonetheless!

This one by Crikey Dave might be my favorite of the bunch. Turing looks more intimidating and less cute here, but the shading and the little bit of color to her eyes is really neat. And this just leaves...

...my other top contender for favorite sketch. Milkcannon Charms really ups the cuteness on this caricature.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little artistic reverie! If you like any of the above artists (links provided when I could find them), check out more of their work! And be sure to drop Colby a line and check out some of his other artwork too. :twilightsmile:

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