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I'm older than your average brony, but then I've always enjoyed cartoons. I'm an experienced reviewer, EqD pre-reader, and occasional author.

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Bronycon goings-on · 6:33pm Jun 28th, 2016

As many people have already said, the agenda has been released. I'm on two panels this year, and unfortunately, they both got shoved into the evening schedule, where they're not likely to get as much of an audience. But if they sound like they might interest you, or you just want to say hello to me and the other fine panelists, please stop by!

On Friday at 6:30, I'll be on the Advanced Writing panel with Wanderer D, Bradel, Skywriter, and Bad Horse. This is a panel that's been going for years and discussing general writing advice for more experienced authors, but this year, there's a bit of a theme in how to make sure stories portray character perspective as well as possible. We each have a different angle to approach it, and will introduce our segments before opening it to the full panel for discussion.

On Friday at 8:00. I'll be on the Sad & Dark panel with GaPJaxie and Bad Horse. We'll discuss typical sad and dark stories, why they work, and why sane people actually like to read and write them, then go over tips for how to make your stories effective, plus what kinds of traps to avoid.

The Equestria Daily blog folks wanted to branch out and do their own panel instead of a comprehensive panel like last year. The previous year, we only had a panel for the fanfiction pre-readers, and it was pretty lightly attended, which made getting the general EqD panel accepted a little questionable last year. But accepted it was, and lots of people showed up! So no such problem this year, but with the blog folks wanting to do their own thing, the demonstrated lack of interest in a panel of pre-readers only, and the presence of several blog folks who occasionally double as pre-readers, and so can answer fanfiction questions, on this year's panel anyway, there just wasn't any demand for those of us who do pre-reading only. I'll be there anyway to see my colleagues, so you can catch me there, too, and meet some other fine folks. Saturday at 4:00, I believe.

Last bit of business: there's a small group going to the Orioles vs. Angels game at Camden Yards just down the street. Tayman organized the group, and we ended up buying tickets before the convention agenda came out. Game time is 7:00 on Friday, natch, so I might get to see the last couple of innings at best. If anyone's interested in going in my place, track me down on Friday (I'll likely be hanging out in writing panels and Quills & Sofas the majority of the day). If there are no takers, I'll still go and see as much of the game as I can, after the 8:00 panel ends. The ticket cost me $35, so that or best offer. PM me if you want it. It includes a free t-shirt of the 1966 World Series-winning team. The others who signed up are Tayman, Aquaman, Jake the Army Guy, RazedRainbow, The Illustrious Q, Gameleon, Captain Unstoppable, and Dubs Rewatcher.

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Comments ( 4 )

So jealous. Any of it going up on YouTube afterwards?

Bronycon always posts YouTube videos of all the panels, and I imagine any of the events that are actually something to watch (I doubt anyone would find watching the autograph line for Andrea Libman to be exciting). Bronycon has a YouTube channel with all the videos taken at previous cons posted.

This is good news, my heckling skills need practice!

Sounds outstanding, and I hope it goes well. :pinkiehappy:

(I still need to sit down and watch last year's panel vids...) :raritydespair:

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