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What type of teacher do you have? · 3:54am Jun 28th, 2016

So when you went to school, what kind of teachers or professors did you have? The fun type? Strict type? Did you have any crazy times with your teachers or was it strictly work? I've always wondered and this video helped inspire me to blog about it.

I tended to have the trendy fun teachers. My fave professor was my art professor at SWC who also played EVE online with me and a group of other professors and students. Oh, I miss those days. I'm curious to hear what kind of teachers you had and what wacky fun or not fun times you had.

Also Advetures Across Space will be updated tonight or tomorrow so keep an eye out!

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the "off topic" one was fun, sooooo easy to distract them :trollestia:
one day we went the whole class talk about random shit :rainbowlaugh:


:twilightsmile:"So class can anyone tell me about the war of 1812?"

:unsuresweetie:"What happened in 1812?"

:twilightsmile: Well, let's see... the condom was invented, Celestia banned cake consumption in Equestria, she also lifted Luna's prohibition...

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