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Putting in a Tape: FLASHPOINT (1984, Thorn EMI) · 5:45pm Jun 27th, 2016

Today, we put the 1984 film Flashpoint, the first theatrical film produced by Home Box Office (in association with Silver Screen Partners), into our VCR. The film was one of at least five American films to present a dramatization portraying the Kennedy assassination as a conspiracy (the others being the 1973 David Miller film Executive Action, starring Robert Ryan and Burt Lancaster, Oliver Stone's 1991 movie JFK, Warren Beatty's 1974 movie The Parallax View and Neil Burger's 2002 mockumentary Interview with the Assassin).

Its all-star cast includes Kris Kristofferson, Treat Williams, Rip Torn, Jean Smart, Kurtwood Smith, and Tess Harper.

The tape (TXA/TVA 2880) is from Thorn EMI Video, and it's from 1984 as well.

INSTRUCTION: First, play Video 1. When Video 1's finished, play Video 2. When Video 2's finished, play Video 3.

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You do know that the party with the strongest motivation to want JFK dead and with a connection to Oswald was Fidel Castro? And that there's a heck of a lot of evidence that Oswald actually was the shooter, including the fact that he killed someone trying to get away and had taken potshots at a poltiical figure before? And that, unless I miss my guess, you would be very opposed to any attempt to hold Castro responsible for this?

4051963 My family's own opinions on the JFK assassination vary at times. Sometimes, we think Oswald did it alone, sometimes we think Oswald had accomplices. Our thoughts literally seem to go back and forth between the two, much like those of the nation at large. As for your guess, Castro isn't usually listed among his accomplices but there are times when our brains work him in among them.

As a side note, The National Enquirer recently listed Rafael Cruz, the father of former Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, among the accomplices of the Kennedy assassination. I am surprised that there weren't that many people who happened to talk about THAT.

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