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Zoroark Vs Renamon · 11:10pm Jun 26th, 2016

Mountain forest area

It was just a normal day for Zoroark.The sunset was perfect,the birds were singing,the air was amazing,and the sight was breathtaking.Until he heard a rustling noise.The noise came from the opening that had no trees.The rustling noise got louder,louder,and louder.he earned a response, though not in the form of a voice. From the treetops, numerous small, glowing objects shot out from the branches, rushing towards Zoroark.

Trying to survive,Zoroark dashed out of the gowing objects that had to be Renamon's Diamond storm.After that,Zoroark shot out a shadow ball.There was smoke after that shadow ball attack.But not before the attacker had leaped high above their position in the branches.After that,there was a fox like fighter creature."Hmph,Impressive." Renamon said."But I will tell you what,I expect a challenge out of a Deva." Renamon said.

The challenger was primarily yellow with white fur on its chest, and its forearms were purple with three large claws at the end of the two. On the back of its paws were the symbols of Yin and Yang. The Digimon Renamon had made her appearance. She folded her arms across her chest as she stared down her opponent.: So I expect a challenge out of you." Renamon said to the illusion fox. Zoroark glared at Renamon,and roared it's battle cry.

"Fox Leaf Arrowheads!" Renamon shouted.Tons of sharp leaves shot out of Renamon and aimed at Zoroark.However,Zoroark shot out a Flamethrower.The intense beam of flames incenarated the leaves.And it shot at Renamon,burning her a bit and made her shot at the ground.Renamon got up and she vanished for a short period of time.

Zoroark looked round at where she was at,and suddenly,he was punched by the invisible Renamon.The hit made Zoroark fly back a bit.Renamon was keeping up with Zoroark decently until Renamon then reappeared from thin air.Zoroark smirked and then shot out Rock smash. Renamon regained her balance,but barley."Palm Strike!" Renamon shouted.Suddenly,Zoroark got smacked by a hard and strong hand strike.

That is when Zoroark got annoyed right now.So,he sent out double team.Suddenly,Zoroark moved faster than and eye can react.After that attack,Zoroark used bounced.Zoroark bounced very high up to the air.Renamon looked sideways where was her opponent.So where was Zoroark?

(Stop music)
Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2, 3, and 4 Music - Chunin Exams Finals (Rooftop)

When Renamon looked up in the air,she saw a very small black dot appeared.The small black dot was Zoroark.He was flying down at naked eye and at the speed of sound.Zoroark landed very hard at Renamon.So hard that it created a huge shockwave that knocked out every single tree in the area.Renamon was seen lying down on the ground.But she was not done yet,she got up and charged up another attack.

That attack was a Diamond storm.So Renamon had a lot of shards around her. She charged the attack but Zoroark dodged the attack thanks to his Double team.Zoroark charged up a fist that went to Renamon face.That attack made Renamon fly into a canyon wall.Then,Renamon gave Zoroark a strong hand strike.But Zoroark simply jumped out of the way and Renamon just hit the canyon wall instead of hitting Zoroark.
(Stop music)
When Renamon finally got her hand out of the canyon wall,there was something.There was light shining around Renamon.When Zoroark finally got out,he looked far more menacing and deadly than Zoroark.This was mega Zoroark.Renamon looked at Zoroark shockingly that she had to fight Mega Zoroark.But she did not give up yet."Kosengeki" Renamon shouted

Renamon Kicked and tears at Zoroark with her sharp claws.But,Zoroark simply shrugged that attack off and launched a flamethrower strait at Renamon' face.That made the burn she had from bad to worse.Renamon then launched a spin kick at Zoroark.But Zoroark used Dig to avoid the attack.Confused,Renamon looked around to see where was Zoroark.Then suddenly,Renamon was hit with Zoroark's dig attack.
(Stop song)
"Now I have 1 thing in mind that might clash with your evolution...." And that thing was....

Light shined around Renamon, taking an appearance somewhat similar to a cocoon.Renamon digivolve to....!" Her skin was peeling off her skin as her model began to change.When all of her skin was peeled off and her model changed,her skin was put back on the model.Putting more data on it.When her evolution was finished,the cocoon bursted.

After Renamon said her evolved name,the two evolved forms nodded and went back to fighting to see who would win.Renamon headbutted Zoroark with electric.That attack was Kodengeki.Now Zoroark was angry.Zoroark punched the ground that made Kyubimon go flying.When Kyubimon got up high enough,Zoroark slashed Kyubimon multiple times.And when Zoroark was done,he punched Kyubimon hard to the ground hard.

Kyubimon got up and light slowly began to appear,but she didn't care.They continued.Kyubimon's tails began glowing.Then she created small fireballs which she used as a projectile to burn Zoroark.But,he used protect to block the projectile.But luckily,Kyubimon rolled out of the way of the projectiles and bit Zoroark. Zoroark screamed in utter agony as he tried to shake off his opponent. When Zoroark finally shook of his opponent,Kyubimon slammed in the wall.

Kyubimon slowly began to get up again,but even more light began to show up on her.But before Kyubimon could react,she was tied up to a bunch of knots.Luckily,Kyubimon burned the knots to dust and they continued fighting.But Zoroark used Shadow ball on Kyubimon,making her revert to her rookie form.Badly bruised,burned,and scars all over her.

Before Renamon knew it,Zoroark tied her up with grass knot.Then Zoroark made a whole lot of shadow balls appear around her.When Zoroark snapped his fingers,the shadow balls charged at Renamon. Renamon screamed in pain that it made a bright light that covered the whole screen.When the attack was finished,the forest was leveled completely,Zoroark landed,expecting a more powerful version of Renamon. Instead,what he got was a small,round,adorable verion of Renamon,Viximon. Zoroark looked in pity as he got out of the canyon.

Viximon got up,expecting dinner.

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