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Supplemental Timeline for "Equus Metamorphosis" (Thank you to all my readers!) · 5:38am Jun 25th, 2016

(Here's a little extra for the fans. This also helps me keep track of events in the timeline.)

The story "Equus Metamorphosis" is located here:

- Melody Noble, Founder of Technomancer Industries, born: 1985

- Real Estate Mogul, Melody Noble, founds Technomancer Industries: 2032
(Melody: Age 46)

- Coraline, Armin's Mother, Born: 2034
(Melody: Age 49)

= Madam Hensley Elected President to Office of United States of America: 2048
(Melody: Age 63) (Coraline: Age 14)

- Russia/China Border Wars Begin: 2048
(Melody: Age 63) (Coraline: Age 14)

- Technomancer Industries gains military contract to make prosthetics for soldiers returning from war: 2048
(Melody: Age 63) (Coraline: Age 14)

- Technomancer Industries starts finances robotic companion research: 2048
(Melody: Age 63) (Coraline: Age 14)

- Due to unprecedented growth of company, Technomancer Industries brings in new talent to work in Artificial Intelligence and Exosuit Design: 2050
(Melody: Age 65) (Coraline: Age 16)

- First Pod Pal created: Vinyl Scratch. Companion to Melody Noble: 2052
(Melody: Age 67) (Coraline: Age 18)

- Armin, Son of Coraline, is born: 2054
(Melody: Age 69) (Coraline: Age 20)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 2)

- First Meta-Frame prototype revealed to public by Technomancer Industries
Prototype is Octavia Melody, User is Melody Noble: 2055
(Melody: Age 70) (Coraline: Age 21) (Armin: Age 1)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 3)

- 500th Pod Pal Developed by Technomancer Industries: 2056
(Melody: Age 71) (Coraline: Age 22) (Armin: Age 2)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 4)

- 1st Pod Pal Death in a Combat Zone (Twilight Sparkle: Middle East): 2057
(Melody: Age 72) (Coraline: Age 23) (Armin: Age 3)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 5)

- 1st Military Endorsement of Meta-Frames by Soldier saved by M-Frame Armor (Companion to Twilight): 2057
(Melody: Age 72) (Coraline: Age 23) (Armin: Age 3)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 5)

- 1st Recovery of Deceased Pod Pal Data from Intact Memory Core (Twilight Sparkle): 2058
(Melody: Age 73) (Coraline: Age 24) (Armin: Age 4)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 6)

- Coraline loses her hand while protecting Armin during a riot in Dallas, Texas, between anti-war protestors and pro-war protestors in the middle of a clash with police: 2060
(Melody: Age 75) (Coraline: Age 26) (Armin: Age 6)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 8)

- Coraline buys economical Technomancer Industries hand prosthetic. Armin becomes interested in the technology. Starts to ask about it and learn about it: 2061
(Melody: Age 76) (Coraline: Age 27) (Armin: Age 7)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 9)

- Retro Pop Culture Movement starts in the entertainment industry for Armin's generation. Several key sub-divisions within the movement that Armin enjoys include Gen7 of MLP, Marvel superhero movies starting up again, Sci-Fi resurgence in books and television: 2062
(Melody: Age 77) (Coraline: Age 28) (Armin: Age 8)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 10)

- Alexandra Malek, later "Phoenix," then Nurse Redheart, begins working for Technomancer Industries in Corpus Christi, Texas: 2062
(Melody: Age 77) (Coraline: Age 28) (Armin: Age 8)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 10)

- The 2065 Human Purity Act is passed in the Texas Legislature, forbidding the sale or purchase of any technological augmentations. One year later, thanks to lobbying efforts and several polarizing public incidents, the Act is repealed. It is later re-introduced into the Texas legislature in 2069 in another form, but fails to pass: 2065
(Melody: Age 80) (Coraline: Age 31) (Armin: Age 11)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 13)

- A terrorist attack by the hate group Human Family First is made upon Technomancer Industries employees Head Nurse Judith Curie and Assistant-to-the-Head-Nurse Alexandra Malek. Curie dies, and Malek is critically injured with third degree burns and taken to intensive care, where she is not allowed to purchase augments to save her life: 2065
(Melody: Age 80) (Coraline: Age 31) (Armin: Age 11)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 13)

- After three days of meetings, deals and quick diplomacy, "Octavia" Melody Noble and Vinyl Scratch found the Religion of Augmentationism and the Church of Aug after gaining 500,000 worldwide members in 72 hours, thus allowing Alexandra Malek to get augmentation as a church member as part of her religious rights under the Religious Freedom Act. Malek survives the procedure and becomes Nurse Redheart: 2065
(Melody: Age 80) (Coraline: Age 31) (Armin: Age 11)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 13)

- Armin is diagnosed with a degenerative bone disorder which onsets at puberty. He begins to take medication and treatment: 2066
(Melody: Age 81) (Coraline: Age 32) (Armin: Age 12)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 14)

- Due to a licensing deal with Hasbro, Technomancer Industries acquires rights to Gen7 MLP characters for Pod Pals and Meta-Frames. (Gen 1-5 rights had been acquired in 2054. Nobody talks about Gen6): 2067
(Melody: Age 82) (Coraline: Age 33) (Armin: Age 13)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 15)

- Technomancer Industries Psychologist Janus Giomatti and his Pod Pal Anput are in caught in a car crash. Janus' brain is so damaged, Anput makes the decision to connect herself wirelessly to him through his Meta-Frame so she can take the burden of helping his mind process daily tasks and complex thought. The procedure is a success: 2068
(Melody: Age 83) (Coraline: Age 34) (Armin: Age 14)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 16)

- Armin decides to enter technology field upon entering high school. This is a response to the attempt to bring back a variation of the 2065 Human Purity Act: 2069
(Melody: Age 84) (Coraline: Age 35) (Armin: Age 15)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 17)

- For his birthday, Armin receives a Pinkie Pie Pod Pal. They are instant best friends: 2071
(Melody: Age 86) (Coraline: Age 37) (Armin: Age 17)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 19)

- Armin decides to go through the process to get a Rainbow Dash Meta-Frame so the suit can help stabilize and repair his bone loss, or else he will die within 2-3 years from bone degeneration: 2072
(Melody: Age 87) (Coraline: Age 38) (Armin: Age 18)
(Vinyl Scratch: Operation Years 20) (Pinkie Pie Operation Years 1)

If you'd like to read the story, here it is!

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Gen 1-5 rights had been acquired in 2054. Nobody talks about Gen6

But they have Gen 2 and 3...?


But they have Gen 2 and 3...?

Makes ya think, doesn't it? :P

This certainly raises the question of just how long the lifespan of someone in the suits can be without issue.

4047548 Oh my bloody shite, I don't know why I just said that but if the old generations are okay for it, but not gen 6, what happened? Was it only a little better than 12 oz. mouse, which is a horrible show that had almost no effort, and is all around crappy?


Depending on which internal organs are assisted (and even replaced) by upgrades, like say, the heart for example, the body could sustain itself for a very long time, significantly past human life expectancy ranges.

I think I know which character you're looking at. Melody Noble, at the age of 87, while in-suit (which is all the time) functions like she's in her early 50s.

Even in our current time we finally have a replacement heart. Didn't last TOO long if I remember correctly, but it did work for a while. Imagine 50-60 years into the future. :)


I'm gonna have fun describing it in-story way later during the post-op period of the tale :)

4047972 Not just that, but her brain as well, given what you mention with our latest therapist, and how far you network things.

4047972 The other, is of course, ensuring the body remains cancer free, since it can be heavily blood borne for persistency.


Those are also true, and with Vinyl Scratch 200+ upgrades over the 20 years of her life, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that one or more of those were neural-network upgrades to assist Melody Noble.

And as for the cancer, perhaps we'll see just how far a single human can move from organic to robotic given enough money, time and resources. :)

4047989 Between firmware, hardware, and software here, the nature of mmi really dims to being more what transhumanism can be and what the limits are.

*screams internally*

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