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Music As Inspiration · 4:26am Jun 25th, 2016

A few months ago, iTunes crapped out on me and I lost most of the music off my iPhone. My main computer was unavailable, so I was unable to restore the music. I ended up putting music aside, and listened to podcasts.

I recently got my main computer back, and this evening I restored all of the music to my phone. This included my copies of the Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks soundtracks. I listened to them on the way home, and suddenly I am feeling more jazzed about writing pony words again. I shouldn’t be surprised, listening to those songs inspired Truth In Song, the first story I posted to fimfiction.

Does music inspire you? If so, what music? And how does it inspire you? If you write, do you listen to music while you do?

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Music inspires me to compose my own original tunes. :twilightblush:

Lately I've been listening to tons of pony songs onYoutube. I love the songs every fans makes from original to remixes to pony music videos.

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