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You're basically everything I want in a girl, minus the personality.

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Knobs · 1:18am Jun 25th, 2016

Knob: Can we have Straight Pride?

Me: Absolutely! To qualify for a Pride month, you have to have endured at least two centuries worth of propaganda telling people that your demographic is evil, have at least one entire political party that's devoted some of its resources to your destruction (advancing the rights of people outside your demographic doesn't count), at least three religion based organaizations have to have spent at least ten years trying to stop major corporations and governing bodies from recognizing you (organizations asking these groups to recognize others doesn't count) and there must be at least two religions that have had their words twisted by similar groups to justify your extermination.

When these criteria have been met, please fille form F-U340-4F and hand it in before the 30th to be considered for the approval of the gay agenda.

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Gay Pride hurts homosexuals

They want to be treated no differently from everyone else, and making their sexuality part of their identity doesn't help that. Not to mention it's ignoble and makes no logical sense

Let's not have a 'straight pride' month, but fuck gay pride month

4049277 No, sexuality is a part of their identity.

That's the whole point.

Pride is a form of rebellion.

I know you aren't very smart... but, you know, try.

> pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

If you identify as something you can't change, that means you don't have the ability to identify as something you CAN - like your actions

It's a backup identification for the lesser

4049720 You can identify with both.

Not well
And not sensibly

4049912 You're just stating stuff, and not arguing.

Because I don't need to argue something so obvious
You cannot sensibly identify with something you cannot change, because that thing is not YOU. If anything, it's decorative at best. I'm not a 'white British straight mentally-ill male'. I'm a 'creator, lover, fighter, humanitarian' - I'm 'appreciative, harsh-spoken, devoted'. The fucking end.

4049980 You can be both.

They're separate types of things.

You're seriously in your mid-thirties?

Yes, they're seperate, and one makes no sense.

You might not be able to tell my age, but I can tell you're a child. Probably in the middle of college, or even going into college. You don't even know YOURSELF. How can you believe you know OTHERS?


You're killing me.

I'm laughing.

You're such a cliche.

Do you think you're not a cliche? You're a college liberal with no sense of the world or of how humans ACTUALLY interact, so you buy into the collectivist midset that says "It's okay, you can be an individual even though identifying as something technically impossible to identify as literally negates that idea. But whatever! As long as you feel morally satisfied or something."

You CANNOT identify as something you cannot control. If I were a gay black man, and I idenfied as a gay black man, that means I'm drawing a parallel between myself and every other gay man and every other black man and ESPECIALLY every other gay black man. This makes NO sense. Individuals are individuals, and aren't limited or driven by inconsequential circumstances. "Gay" and "black" are not labels that draw NECESSARY PARALLELS of anything IMPORTANT, so you cannot reasonably IDENTIFY with them. It - IS -IMPOSSIBLE. If I were to identify as a READER, though, then it's generally agreed that I am a person who likes reading NOVELS. That's something that is a NECESSARY PARALLEL between me and every other 'reader'. However, a gay man and another gay man are 90% likely to be ENTIRELY DIFFERENT, and the extraneous fact that they like cock is inconsequential to themselves as a human. PERSONALITY is what matters. WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO matter. WHAT you are does NOT matter. Do you LIKE my CAPITALIZED WORDS.

I've marched for gay rights. I've espoused treating everyone equally and sensibly. And then this generation comes along with nothing to fight for, so they make up shit and ruin what we helped create. tl;dr Either start making fucking sense or kill yourself.


Your entire post is dumb ideological banter.

I totally understand your point, but I don't think it negates the immutable aspects of humans since that is what you do, what everyone does, in human interaction.

We judge in accordance to these immutable features, we create stereotypes, and then expand them as we meet other people.

If YOU judge based on that shit, that's YOUR problem. Don't project that on everyone else. Ass.

4050444 I never said that. It's an immutable fact of human interaction.

... Not for me? I don't see color or gender. I sometimes use some generalizations, but never as prejudice; I always allow people to present themselves to me before I judge them. That's called 'having a brain' as well as 'not being an asshole'.

Don't fuckin' lump me in with you just 'cause you're an asshole. At the end of the day, identifying as something you cannot control is senseless and harmful.

4050459 Missed the point.

This conversation has drawn out too long, and you're too irrational, focusing on irrelevant details and hyperinflating them.

See, just saying a thing as though it makes sense doesn't make it make sense. I saw the point, I addressed the point, and you're retreating because you're wrong. That's the only reason you'd be retreating. You clearly care enough to keep replying.

4050509 I've already had this conversation before, is my point.

I'm retreating because I'm bored.

And incorrect. You've literally said nothing so far that's made any sense. Good on you - oh but you're sooooooooooo bored so you don't have to make sense

Yeah, so fucking debate it

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