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Rule Britannia (Brexit) · 6:43am Jun 24th, 2016

I extend my congratulations to the British people who last night voted to leave the European Union by a margin of 51.8% (17,176,006) to 48.2% (15,952,444). Already the market is showing signs of volatility and there are no doubt tough times ahead for you all. Going your own way will not be easy. For all her faults, the EU did have a reasonable economic policy and a vision for the future shared by most of its member states; she was not a despotic oppressor. But as an American, struggling against the nihilism of consumer culture and viewing the loss of my nation's identity to the strangling grip of multiculturalism, I can't help but feel proud of you for taking a stand against the suicidal immigration policies of Brussels and leaving the Union.

It isn't fashionable for white European states or those created by their immigrants to show any sort of national pride because of post-colonial guilt among... other things I dare not bring up here. :facehoof: But pride in one's nation and in one's people is a gift given to the people of all nations. Your history, your language, and your culture are all worth defending. Are not these things what ultimately gives a nation its unique character? People ultimately choose how they are going to live as a reflection of who they are, not what someone else says they are. This is the great flaw behind the notion of "nation building." The government of the people is not the nation, the people are and elect a government that fits their virtues.

I wish you the best, Great Britain. May the rest of Europe soon follow in your wake, until the "false song" of globalism has been silenced... FORRREEVEEER! :pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 4 )

perfect ! now we can send all refugees there ! and since they even have this nice tunnel, we don't need to use boats !

It helps that they escaped the BS that was trying to occur (and might still be trying tbh). Especially with more unrest still to come (Greece for anyone not paying attention abroad)

Europe is a terrible neoliberal institution which is basically corruption.txt
And yet, it is still 1,000,000x better than letting the tories (aka conservatives) 'off the leash' to burn the country to ground in the name of some insane ideology.

FUN FACT: As well as outright lies, the 'Leave' campaign used actual nazi/fascist rhetoric right down to copying one of thier propaganda pictures - and people ate that shit right up.
(Not that the 'Remain' campiagn was exactly stellar.)
But yeah, literal racists won the vote. Not exactly a cause for celebration.

This is going to be.... Not a fun time. (Especailly for Gibraltar and Ireland.)

On the plus side, I think I've figured out what we can do with trident.
We can finally use it. On ourselves.

wow! this is the first time I see this kind of opinion. It has been educative

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