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Ask King Sombra - Will he Survive? · 2:54am Jun 23rd, 2016

image by Ask King Sombra

And tonight, even though I should be pimping my new story and the latest chapter I just now uploaded, I, like so many Sombraphiles on Tumblr are waiting breathlessly for the outcome of what happens to "Kingsley" aka King Sombra in the Tumblr blog, "Ask King Sombra".

For the last 3 years, "Wiggles", aka the mod of Ask King Sombra, has been entertaining us with tales of what happened to our King after he was "blown up by a pretty pink pegasus" and if 785 notes and reblogs are any indication, our fandom really does care a helluva lot.

I've only been following the adventures of the deposed King, his reluctant companion Coffee Talk and "buttface" - the creature behind the evil that is the King of Shadows - for the past six months, but quickly read the backstory and found myself hopelessly hooked and caring what happened next come every Monday, Wednesday & Friday (Wiggles update schedule) and making a general nuisance of myself by SQUEEING! every time an update came through and shoving my smartphone in Tale Weaver's (my Brony husband's) face to get him up to speed too.

I hate to think this is coming to the end. I had a sad a month or two ago when Wiggles mentioned it was getting close to the end and that wrecked me then, but now - with Kingsley and Sombra-buttface bathed once again the brilliant light of the Crystal Heart, I am pretty darn certain we will know at least by the end of this week (if not tonight) whether the adorable charcoal-grey pony will survive or once again be blown to bits.

Either way I guess I am okay with. I mean, we kinda have to be, don't we? If he dies a hero's death, there is no better way to go out, but if he survives, well at least maybe we'll get a few more panels out of this - or a new storyline if the mod hasn't completely burned out on diligently penning this amazing comic the last three years. That's a helluva long time and no one could blame Wiggles if she did a final curtain call and tied it up all right here with a big, Sombra-colored bow.

So, for those that follow Ask King Sombra, what do you think will happen? Kingsley has been holding back this entire time while sneaking around "Uber Cadance", trying to work out whether exposing her to the crystal heart will blow her up or not. I give the Wiggles major kudos for getting around the question of risking it, so what say you?

For me, I have a sneaking suspicion he won't die for the simple fact of the look on his companion Coffee Talk's face when she realizes from his gentle smile while he is once again being possessed that she believes he can survive this. She isn't crying and that to me is a big giveaway, but hey, I've been wrong about where this clever mod would take this storyline before, so who the Tartarus knows?

No matter what happens - and if we're lucky, we will know in the next three hours if the post is on schedule - I have loved the comic, the story, the artwork, but most of all, I love you, Kingsley!

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Comments ( 2 )

I have to admit, it's hard not to feel compassion for that smiling face. After all, he's not the evil tyrant we usually think he is. I'm rooting for him.

What I always liked about Wiggles is that it's very difficult to tell if a character will die or not, she clearly has a "you are not safe even if you are important" mentality. So I can see it go either way, that Sombra dies a heroes death or comes out of this alive. I am not really hoping for anything special, I just trust Wiggles to tell the story and go with the flow, I have this tendency to just allow the author to tell his or her story and accept whatever happens. It would be nice to see him survive but I won't be disappointed if he dies either.

I've been reading Ask King Sombra since the beginning so I've gone the slow path of watching that selfish jerk change into a slightly less selfish jerk and it's been quite a ride, I'm glad I was part of the huge tribute that went around Tumblr, showing the explosion happen not just all across Equestria but all across the Multiverse. :pinkiehappy:

But if I must be honest, I'm half expecting him to go due to the Crystal Heart's history of being rather explody compared to the elements of Harmony. But we'll see what Wiggles does, she tends to twist expectations.:pinkiecrazy:

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