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Coffe a day, keeps the world around me grey.

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  • 316 weeks
    It's Over

    (I'm not killing myself. I'm just logging off here because I need to get my life on track. So this is the last time you'll see a blog, story or even a word from me. Sorry for the scare.)

    17 comments · 1,086 views
  • 316 weeks
    Thanks Guys

    Thanks guys for the kind messages. At the time, I was feeling alone and depressed to the point I wanted to hide from everyone and just vanish without a trace, but seeing this helped me a bit with the issues. I didn't make the other blog because I wanted attention or a cry for help, but to be honest I really wanted to vanish.

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  • 316 weeks
    I Might Be Gone Forever

    Due to personal issues, I might not ever come back online when I sign off. I might come back on later, but all knows. I'm sorry to do this to all of you, but it's for the best.

    18 comments · 532 views
  • 319 weeks
    Good news!

    I managed to get internet from my big brother giving me his hot spot password. So I can write Higher Senses now~ I decided to make chapter eight into two parts since it's taking long to write all in one. Plus it'll feel less...stuffed.

    So the first part should come out soon. I don't know when, but hopefully soon.

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  • 319 weeks

    So Good news I found a place to live for the time being. Bad news it's in a room....inside a house with other people.

    Yay me right?

    So Im currently using a tablet to reach you guys so expect no update anytime soon because internet cost money folks. Sorry. I'll be writing on Google docs off online like the poor person I am. Til next time folks!

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Update on Progress · 5:49pm Jun 22nd, 2016

Because since I graduated from the big HS, I got to worry about depressing things such as getting job and finding a place to live. (Which is damn near impossible in Philadelphia.) So I have no idea when this story will be updated, but I'm guessing in mid July or hell even the beginning. Sorry to have you guys wait even longer, but I'm sure you got other stories to keep you entertained until then.

It'll be worth it because Luna and Scootaloo teams up to fight a certain foe who appeared at the end of chapter seven. ;)

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Welcome to Real Life. With modern advances, expect to be here until you reach a hundred. Just remember the critical rules to avoiding disaster:
Spend less than you make - This includes using credit cards (Don't!)
Save for a rainy day, every day - (No, that's not rain, that's a sports car! Go back to the used car lot.)
Enjoy yourself while avoiding the Seven Stupids: Pot, coke, crack, pills, booze, cigs, and sex with anybody you have not extensively committed to a lengthy relationship with.
Help out those in need, but keep in mind just why they are in need or you'll find yourself loaning your car to somebody who will ram a cop car again and flee the scene, leaving you to hold the bag.

4041234 Thanks G.I Joe! Also did you ever check out that link I sent you? (Respond in PM to avoid spoilers)

Isn't it always sunny in Philadelphia tho?

4041419 Heh, reference.

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