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Jake Witt

I'm not just reading. My stories have "idea" but no "form" or "function". I'm just an armored guy riding a Robot Dino-Dragon; fighting a dark paradox man thing. I don't remember if I'm a robot.

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  • 200 weeks
    I got Fire Team Harmony to watch a video I made some time ago.

    To put it simply: before I destroyed my laptop I made a Fire Team Harmony theme based off their first appearance on Bronies React.

    Now I'm a person that you can ignore and I can silently stew. That's how it works, I suppose.

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  • 219 weeks
    Samurai Jack has ended...

    And there's an Extra Thicc hole where it used to be. Great send off...

    When it comes time... will MLP:FiM get a send off or a cliffhanger? Time will tell.

    Speaking of time: Did anybody see the Season 7 episode that had Celestia and Luna switch places? I swear the snuck in some sweet things during the dream scene.

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  • 224 weeks
    MLP S7 E2

    Glad to know there was no two-parter this go around.

    I found out why I'm always angry at dumb crap. It's not because I'm ginger or I have Irish blood or that I'm borderline autistic or my past... maybe a combination of the four? Anyway, I'm angry about a lot and it's genetic. My dad had ways to reign it in while I never had a true outlet.

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  • 227 weeks
    Season 5 Finale Revisit

    Season 6 ended some months ago... so why am I thinking about the Season 5 finale to "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" instead of waiting for Season 5 Episode 3 of "Samurai Jack"?

    Time Travel.

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  • 233 weeks
    Changelings 2016

    Funny enough, I was wondering what a reformed changeling would look like. I imagined dark color tones with matching, bright colored eyes, no holes, and either butterfly (like the alternate world's Chrysalis from the comics... which I want to read.) or dragonfly wings, and their finn-manes having an offset color.

    Instead, we have Scout Master Lumpus and his Fabulous Changelings.

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June 2016 Apple / Everfree Headcanon · 3:28am Jun 22nd, 2016

Sasquatch killed Apple Jack's parents and the mom got the worst of the mess. Granny Smith with her search party found their corpses near their broken wagon with a partially eaten AJ Dad in a tree. AJ Mom was found with a broken neck with knots in her mane too neat to be Witch's Braid.

Granny couldn't make heads or tails around the mess... that is until they were shipping pies. Tree trunks had fallen, broken by a big foot. Apple Jack can protect herself so she wasn't going to be Booger bait.

Big Mac doesn't believe AJ when they return. There are many monsters in the Everfree but Bigfoot? Nope!

If Mac wasn't going to be serious then Apple Jack would. Season 5 when Applebloom delivered pies alone, the chimera was the least of her worries. For what lies in the woods is a greater danger than what anypony would believe. Not just the forest yettis but the other night monsters that make the Everfree quake in their existence. Monsters dangerous to everything. Intelligent, strong, and elusive. Apple Jack knows it's not what you can see that kills you... it is what nopony sees.

Sasquatch, Dogmen, Hell Hounds, etc. They haunt Earth but live in Equus. These things are worse than what bumps in the night.

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