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Do we need a title? · 1:09am Jun 22nd, 2016

Hello there!

Don't know why but I just had the idea to make blog.

I just finished reading "The Shadow Cadets of Pennyroyal Acedemy", book number 2 in the series by M.A. Larsen. Got it on monday and thanks to working in the nightshift I could read it while I was at work. It's an awesome series and both books were fun to read. I find it funny how many german words were used, for example Schummel tower (Cheating tower), Waldeck (Forestcorner) and Schlauraffen company (one of the princes company, named after Schlaraffenland or Cockaigne in english - the land of plenty). And now I have to wait for the third book to be published, so double hiatus because there will be no new episodes of MLP for a little while. :raritydespair:

But tomorrow I will start reading the "Challenger 1 main battle tank owners workshop manual" by Dick Taylor, because fairy tail princesses and tank are just my cup of tea - Princesses and Panzer! :rainbowdetermined2: That would make witchhunts rather easy. ^^

Anyway when I finish the new book I will let you know what I think about it. In the meantime maybe someone can point out some good books for me to read. (I already have Game of Thrones books ... twice. But somehow I find them a little bit hard to read.)

Have a nice day

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