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Pony Pairings · 10:12pm Jun 21st, 2016

I've finally updated my Pony Pairings tool to catch up to the season six hiatus.

Those of you who haven't been following me for very long, or just have short memories, may be asking "what is the pony pairings tool?"

Well, it's a website which has a big list of ponies built into it, including loads of canon ones, a few well-known OCs, and includes miscellaneous non-ponies too, like Opalescence, Gummy, Tom, etc.

And it gives you a button to press that allows you to ship them. Yay!

So you can get really random ships like:

» Tank x Babysitter Cadance
» Bugbear x King Sombra
» Tree of Harmony x Trollestia
» Prince Rutherford x Blossomforth
» Nightmare Moon x Filly Coco Pommel
» Zecora x Cerberus

You can then use these as inspiration for fan fiction, art, role play, etc. Fun.

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Comments ( 5 )

King Sombra x Randolph the butler 4EVA :trollestia:

apple buck x molastia

No, wait, even better:

Elizabeak x Boneless

Auntie Applesauce x Amethyst Star...

What a very strange tool to use...

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