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    Writing Questionnaire Trend

    Hey everyone!

    So, a few other authors have been doing a little question/answer thing in regards to writing via their blogs, so I figured I'd hop on board. Read elow if you want to learn more about me and my writing.

    Let's do it!

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    My Friend is Taking Commissions

    Hey there!

    This is just a quick blog that serves two purposes:

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    Would You Consider a Santa Hat? (2020)

    Hey everyone!

    Look, 2020 has SUCKED for most people. That being said, I think it's high time we start spreading holiday cheer a little early this year!

    If you would like, why don't we all have some good old jinglemas fun by popping a cute little Santa hat on our avatars? It's quite simple to do and it adds a bit of color and festive-ness to our accounts!

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    Ponyville Ciderfest Panel

    Hey guys!

    Just a quick blog to say that I'll be hosting a panel at Ponyville Ciderfest online this year!

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    Some Spike x Vinyl Fanart!

    Hey guys!

    Quick blog here just to share some cute artwork someone made for Heart Invasion 101! It's from one of the ending scenes where Spike gets his butt kicked trying to stick up for his girl.

    Lol, what a pleb.

    Thanks to techgear for making this!

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I Like This Image · 4:05am Jun 21st, 2016

Too bad nobody's ever written a story featuring those two...

Report FamousLastWords · 530 views · #swag #mystery
Comments ( 11 )

Really? And here I thought you could find anything on the internet.

Is that an idea *coughcough winkwink*

Yup, and some things are better left unwritten.

4037793 Boy, you just challenged the master in his domain. Curse you and your full head of hair!

4037779 I found a harem story, but those don't count.

You're the man to write that story.


Careful, stress and anger only makes it go faster.

Not in the genre that image suggests, but I recommend It spills over.

Hasn't Mr101 written Berry PunchSpike fics?

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