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Father's Day · 2:31pm Jun 19th, 2016

Not a fan. I've kinda got some daddy issues, so Father's Day never really meant anything to me. It's just... a day. And I had a story planned out, with EG Rainbow Dash dealing with her stepdad (I have this headcanon that Dash has a stepdad and never listens to him) and eventually making peace with him for the sake of her mom. Only problem is that, following the plot as I had it in my head, it's not really about her dad or fathers at all. It's mostly about her mom, actually.

Between this and the Anti-Valentine's Day story, it's a wonder I ever get out any holiday stories.

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Comments ( 6 )

so what holidays do you like?

4033688 Almost none of them, honestly. I just don't get them. I do have a bit of a soft spot for Christmas that I can't really explain. Something about it just pulls out the optimist in me. Said optimist is then swiftly returned to its cell, where it belongs.

4033708 I get that. I like Halloween because it doesn't pressure me to do things I don't want to with people I don't like. Christmas, Thanksgiving... I understand the overarching happy concepts behind them and I really like those messages. In theory. I can't stand the reality. Made me feel like a total miser that I didn't love the new Hearths Warming episode right away and had to warm up to it.

your story sounds like it almost should've been a mother's day one! :twilightsmile:

4033751 I'll probably end up writing it at a later date just for the hell of it. Not counting my actual Mother's Day thing, I haven't put out a not-comedy one-shot since January.

The only holidays I release stories on are one Valentines back in 2013, and my editor's birthday every year.

4033787 Yea, probably a better system than me trying and failing to put one out for every major holiday. Might just take a page out of your book.

My, with you and Seventeen, there's a lot of my favorite number on this blog. I like it.

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