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petro read this guys stores · 12:39am Sep 6th, 2012

this is the link
please read his storys he is really good and deserves more credit than he has could you mention him maybe? in a blog it would meen a lot to me he wrote one of the first fics i ever read

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OK, I don't exactly have a fanbase, but I'll do something.

339281 thanks i know you dont have a huge fanbase but its bigger than mine:pinkiehappy:

Wait a minute... wait a minute. That link goes to my userpage. So you're the one who got me that watch from Petro! thanks. You are one loyal reader, my friend.

350031 Yeah I just didn't want you to think about quitting because I love your storys:pinkiehappy:

350193 That was just a very small depression, but everythings ok now. I'll continue writing.

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