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    So I'm not sure when I'll be getting back to work, and I'm not gonna promise anything. However, I've decided that all subsequent works will probably NOT have music cues. Simply put, all of the songs I use keep getting taken down.

    Hence why I've been having a hard time with Persona 6: REM.

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Code Lyoko EG possibly becoming a game · 6:34am Jun 15th, 2016

You know what I want? RPG maker.

I want it, so I can create Code Lyoko EG the game, and make that a thing.

So you know what? I'm going to get it.

I'm speaking it into existence right now. Code Lyoko EG is going to become a game because I'm going to get RPG Maker for my PC and create it.

So... yeah. That's a thing now. Mind you, I need to buy RPG maker, and the one I sort of want costs about 75 dollars, but I'm going to make that happen.

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Comments ( 29 )

What horrors have I wrought?

I love RPG maker but I didn't have much luck adding in new scripts. Best of luck! If you got a patreon or a paypal, I might be able to kick you like 10 or 20 bucks when I get paid but no promises

Well, at least you won't be short on artists to choose from to create the character images.

that is awesome

4023512 Do you know of the Law of Attraction? If so, then I will confirm this. This is ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT! You put this idea in my head! You made this happen!

4023794 I will definitely take you up on that. I don't know when I'll get started on this, and I'm not going to go super public with it (cause I don't want this to become the next Fighting is Magic) but I will keep all of you posted.


And I regret nothing! Heck, if I could program or stuff, I'm be more than happy to help, dig up images, bits of trivia, powers, look through the fic, I spend most of my time online anyway, so I'd actually be doing something (somewhat) productive.

4023951 The version I'm saving up for is MV. It has the side view battle system, and I'm assuming with it being the newest it's the most user friendly. I'm a complete novice at this, and I'm going in cold.

But if you still think you can help, then I'd be happy to accept. I don't know when the project is going to be started, but whenever I get started, I'll let you know.

4023926 The cool thing about RPG Maker is that it doesn't require any coding. That being said, when I get started, if you still want to help I'd welcome it.


Gladly. Just PM me and I'll do what I can.


My only worry is that it could get the attention of both Hasbro AND MoonScoop, or whatever they are now.

4023994 That's why I'm not going to make it super public, nor am I going to try and make money off of it. This is just a fun little idea that I have, and I'm not going to attract any attention.

Good luck. You might even like RPG Maker and use it to make an original product, who knows?

...Just be better than most other fangame makers, and actually get the game to 1.0 status hefore you allow downloading. So many people release only the first act or chapter, promise more, then don't release anything for five years. Yes, I'm a bit bitter.

Don't be like those people. Have a finished if not polished game before you start sending it out to be played.

4024143 I... didn't know there was another way to go about releasing the game besides waiting until it was completed.

That was my intention from the start.

ya know, i managed to get MV when it was on sale. its looks great, and its pretty intuitive too.

4024206 Yeah, type MLP FIM RPG into a search bar and you will find that most of them are not completed games that don't look like they will ever be completed.

(see's title of the blog.)

...... my body is ready.

You know what? Do it, girl woman! I'll have my wallet ready!:pinkiehappy:

4024999 Oh no, I'm probably not going to charge people to play this game. I do NOT want Hasbro to hound me and make me stop, so chances are I won't be charging anyone to play this game. The most I'll do is ask for donations and let the person choose how much they donate.

Don't hold me to that though. Depending on how much work this is, I might have to charge, but for now, I'm trying to avoid this turning into the next Fighting is Magic.

4024249 That's good. I want to make this game as creative as possible in RPG maker. One thing I want to do (not sure if its possible) is have a system where in battle, if XANA targets Fluttershy for an attack, you can use an option to have one of the other party members jump in to take the attack instead. It goes without saying that if Fluttershy loses all her HP you lose.

4025620 you could probably set it up as an action using a script. the forums may have some help on it.

4025615 Well, if it's as hard as I think, you shall be properly compensated for your efforts.:moustache:

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