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Dusty Sage

I've been writing online for thirty years. One of these days I might actually get good at it.

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    Falling behind

    I'm getting to the point where just keeping up is beyond my dwindling capacities. I'm not sure what's going on, but I suspect I'm not going to like it when I find out.

    Anyway, I apologize for having been such a lousy correspondent this year.

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  • 212 weeks
    Having gone wandering off somewhere

    Of late, I seem to have been overtaken by events: my health has taken a turn for the worst, I wrecked my car, and the guy they hired to help me out at work has moved away. (Another guy has drawn the short straw.) I'm still alive, but it's not something I much feel like bragging about.

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    A night at the beer garden

    I mean, I'm not allowed beer anymore, at least not until I get off some of these damnable medications, but our little table had massive fun discussing Jenga, photography, classic and modern weaponry, beer (of course) -- and ponies. Apparently they'd read my stuff. Who knew?

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    Regular visitors will remember that I'd asked the estimable LeekFish to knock out a sketch for my, um, OC. I posted it here, and it was well received; our own Twifight Sparkill came up with an idea, and heck, there's no reason you shouldn't see it here, especially since she's revised it to give me a more, um, scholarly look. (The LeekFish original is still in the sidebar at

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    Back in the Real World

    I think I would rather spend two weeks in the Everfree, trying to avoid everything that can kill me, and in the Everfree I assume everything can kill me, than one more minute in a hospital room.

    That said, their definition of "on the mend" doesn't quite coincide with mine.

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In contemplation of deeper things · 3:44am Jun 15th, 2016

Of late, the depth seems to be about six feet (1.83 meters). I am currently battling some health issues which, if I'm fortunate, may leave me in a wheelchair. (If I'm not so fortunate -- well, let's not go there just yet.)

Surprised? Heck, no. The warranty's been up on this body for a long, long time. In the meantime, there are specialists to see and expenses to (barely) meet.

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On the plus side, wheelchairs mean you get the best seat on the bus.

Oh Dusty. I am sorry to hear about your health woes. I er... well, I don't tend to share much about my personal life here, but I've had some serious issues myself. Enough that I've had to quit my two favourite vices immediately, lest they DRAMATICALLY effect my current health. It has been a very hard few months for me as a result, but... yeah.

I was in a wheelchair for nine months after suffering a severe back injury, and although I've moderately recouped, it and the several other injuries I'd suffered continue to haunt me. I just... I like you, and I care about you. I hope you'll be all right.

I am a prayer sort, so if you don't mind, I'll add you to my list.



Never thought of that. (Redeeming social value?)


I take heart in the fact that up to now, nothing has actually killed me. (The Reaper, grim, scythe-wielding SOB that he is, has had three good shots at me so far and missed them all.) Still, I've never been this old before, and I'm not entirely sure how much resistance I can put up. I am not, however, going to roll over and give in.


Being old is something I struggle with daily. I had joined a small jogging group for a while, and after finishing last all the time, I decided to run by myself. It really sucks. I will likely go back and join my friend at running for very short intervals, if only to pretend that it'll stave off all the maladies that'll likely plague me.

... yeah, I'm a booster shot of hope.

Came here from Twifight's blog post. Apparently, she wants to amass some sort of prayer Spirit Bomb. In spite of how little our paths actually cross on this site, you seem like a cool person, so I'm happy to throw in my prayers too. Even if it doesn't work, it'll make for one hell of an explosion.


So win-win either way. I can go for that. :pinkiehappy:

My good wishes are with you.

If there's anything I can do, let me know. I'm happy to signal boost stuff, write things to keep spirits up, or lend an ear, all you have to do is ask.

May seem out of the blue or whatnot, but as Twifight said...support can be in short supply.

So from one human being to another: best wishes for ya, may you make the best of things for the rest of your days. :pinkiehappy:

Never crossed your profile before but I'll always give a shout out to a struggling author. My hopes go with you! :pinkiesmile:

I spent a year and a half in a wheelchair. If the wheelchair is likely to be permanent, move into a house now that has only one level. Multiple levels will be a tremendous nuisance afterwards, and you won't be able to move yourself then, either. Throw out as much stuff as you can now and re-organize everything in the house to be near the ground. Spend a few days in a wheelchair now, figure out how to do everything you need to do, and how to get in and out of your house and your car, and install whatever you need to install (like a shower handrail, a ramp, a gate lock), because it will be a pain afterwards. Figure out which internal doors you'll want to remove. Figure out how to operate the washing machine, or buy a front-loading washer. Install a laundry chute if you can. Consider removing the screen door from the door you'll use, or at least releasing the tension on its spring. You'll see why when you try to get into the house in a wheelchair.

Wheelchairs are designed assuming you aren't single and have a spouse or kids to help you. If that's not true, you have to figure out new ways to do a lot of things. Getting rid of junk that's in the way, or putting it on top shelves, is an important first step.

It's easier to get one wheelchair for the car and one wheelchair for every level of the house than to carry a wheelchair around while crawling, but you'll quickly ruin your knees crawling up and down stairs unless you get kneepads and go slow. It is easier to use crutches to get in and out of the car if you can. Crutches will eventually wreck your shoulders if you use them more than that. You can get used wheelchairs for about $100 each on Craigslist if you're patient. Try to get ones with both footrests. It's easier to buy a wheelchair before you need a wheelchair.

4025543 There are 3 phases of life:
Young: You can still jog.
Middle-aged: You could jog, but you'd be in pain for days afterwards.
Old: It is physically impossible for you to get 2 feet off the ground at the same time.

Young whippersnapper. :trixieshiftright:

I have a one-story ranch house, though the doors are a tad narrow. (And yes, I'm alone.) I'm familiar with crutches, having crashed badly in Army training too many years ago and more recently having had surgery on one knee.

Every new story idea you come up with brightens my mood a bit.

I like out of the blue. It's reassuring at a time when things look dark grey, or worse.

Struggling? You should see me try to write.

General update:

I am heartened by the fact that things don't seem to be getting worse. On the downside, it's going to be five weeks, barring a cancellation in the interim, before I'll get in to see the neurologist. And it may not be a neurological thing at all, though the family physician, a D.O., tends to be the cautious sort, checking all possible angles. I've already had a few hundred bucks' worth of bloodwork, which turned up no obvious abnormalities. And some of this simply has to be wear and tear: I'm well into my sixties and can't expect everything to work like it used to.

Tomorrow, I will venture out to the supermarket. (The standard shopping cart makes a pretty decent walker.) Remaining able to take care of myself is vital to my sense of well-being; I can't let myself just sit here for hours at a time, although there's a whole lot less discomfort involved in sitting.

Further update:

After taking a fall and banging myself up rather badly, I figured it was time to call in the professionals, especially since in this town you can insure your coverage by the ambulance service for about $50 a year.

And apparently it is neurological: two spinal nerves are stenotic -- squished together -- and a disc next to them is herniated.

Surgery is scheduled for a week from tomorrow.


In my case? It's more of a "limp-skip" than a jog. My partner is almost 40, and she's good. I'm uh... well. She's very supportive.


Please be okay, Dusty. :heart:

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