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Uuuuugh · 3:24am Jun 15th, 2016

I don't like the recent chapter of Home is for the Weak.

It's hard to walk the fine line between LOL SO RANDUM and humor that's... um... what I write. I don't really like being the former actually, and I feel the most recent chapter kinda jumped in that direction just a bit.


Comments ( 11 )

I felt it was a good look into Celestia's head to explain her randomness. You just need to do another chapter like how all the rest have been.

Probably wasn't your best chapter, but it was decent. One advantage to having such short chapters with relatively fast turnaround time is that you can throw a variety of stuff of varying tones at the wall, and the success level of any given thingamajig isn't that important. Way I see it, I'd rather read something that does interesting stuff but occasionally goes in a less great direction than something that hangs out in boring territory and never reaches any highs or lows at all.

It was fine. Don't worry about it.

Eh, I think you're being a little too hard on yourself, dude. It was fine, it was funny, yes it was a little more random than usual but it was still enjoyable.

You've also been updating at, like, a ridiculous rate lately.

It was a change of pace, which I think is a good thing in stories like this one. It was funny enough that randomness was at an acceptable level. I know you may feel dissatisfied with your work anyways (I know I do all too often) but I think the reception from the general public is positive. Personally I need something like this after my usual reading (Just binged the main Hard Reset trilogy) to relax and unwind. Keep your inspiration flowing as it will, and you can't really go wrong.

Thank you.
Thank you for being honest.

Well, the new chapter certainly was random compared to the rest of the story. However, I agree with everyone else in that it made for a nice change of pace, and it definitely makes the story more interesting. I liked seeing into Celestia's mind, and the Inside Out-esque twist on it was very entertaining! A little randomness here and there really spices up any story, so long as it doesn't break the story's predetermined rules (characters' personalities, the laws of magic and physics, etc.). So yes, this chapter was random, but don't beat yourself up about it--it's not nearly as bad as you think. There are two kinds of authors in the world: those who hate (some of) what they've written, and amateurs with no concept of literature who think that everything they write is on par with Shakespeare's work.


Inside Out-esque twist on it-

Actually based off this.
But yeah, I always do this to myself. Make a chapter, freak out, and then learn that I was being stupid.
I need to stop freaking out~

It was fun , a decent enough riff on recent Pixar movie.

I thought it was quite disjointed though, it could have been entirely from the view point of the emotions and not lost much.

This has to be the most / best updated "completed" fiction. You could have got a whole second story out of this with just the "additions".

Summer of piglets , was I the only one who kept thinking of the bay of pigs ? She has a disastrous invasion to adopt a bunch of pigs only to be rebuked, Celestia storms a beach ? or was this literally meant to be about piglets ...

The only thing I might recommend to tone it down is to change the chapter's ending. Maybe with a little less ear bleeding.

Going to be honest. I assumed it was going to be a parody of the Star Trek original series episode, Spock's Brain.

^ The episode, in a nutshell. Also, the episode writers. 'Tis one of the cringiest bits of science fiction ever written.

Which is saying something. Your chapter was fine.

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