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Rewriting my stories to make them better!

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  • 115 weeks
    Update: Grenade

    I am updating Grenade today. I'm done letting it sulk. Unedited, unread, written in one sitting.

    Enjoy when it comes <3

    2 comments · 247 views
  • 148 weeks
    Grenade, A Siren and Her Spitfire, Lemon Zest is Internet Famous (11-25-17)

    Hey everybody, Ambi here.

    A lot has changed, oh boy. I'm here to let my loyal beauties know that I am still not dead. Not physically.
    A few nights ago I almost DID die, and that experience has shaken me, to say least.

    Read More

    2 comments · 314 views
  • 155 weeks
    To all my loyal followers

    Thank you for putting your time into me, and especially your loyalty to my stories.

    I'm afraid I won't be working on them for a long time, as I am currently undergoing some life concerns and I don't know if I'll even be able to make it day by day anymore. I've gotten medications to help, but I am not sure they are.

    Here's to me sticking it out.

    Many regrets,

    1 comments · 249 views
  • 172 weeks
    Hey I'm kind of alive!

    So how long has it been? A year? Holy fuck.

    Well, I graduated, turned 18, and now it's time for me to start writing again!

    I hope I can actually stick to it.

    For those of you into Overwatch and OC writings, I will be making an Ao3 account!

    For those of you that like my writing, I am working on a novel, hoping to get it published next year!!

    Thanks for sticking around <3


    1 comments · 207 views
  • 180 weeks
    Rewrite is Complete!

    Sunset Shimmer's Horseriding Experience has been successfully rewritten and is out for commentary!

    Thank you all for your support! <3

    1 comments · 166 views

Holy Celestia Tears · 8:14pm Jun 14th, 2016

Pan here.

I am going into surgery. Horrible IV, I want to just leave.

Wish me luck.


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