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    Halo Wars 2 E3 Trailers

    "I just… didn’t have much of a reaction to the Halo Wars 2 trailer.

    It looks good, I’m sure it’ll be interesting, but… eh.

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Halo Wars 2 E3 Trailers · 8:16pm Jun 13th, 2016

"I just… didn’t have much of a reaction to the Halo Wars 2 trailer.

It looks good, I’m sure it’ll be interesting, but… eh.

Cutter looks… literally nothing like Cutter? It says ‘Cutter’ on his uniform, that’s the only thing that gave his identity away to me. It’s not even just “he got older”, he looks like he’s gone and regenerated…

It’s set post-Halo 5, so that means the Created are likely to make an appearance (*groan*), if only to just get Serina out of rampancy (*double groan*). I like that we’ve got a new faction with these former-Covenant client races, but ‘the Banished’… who is naming these factions at 343?

Oh, and how on earth are they going to get to the Lesser Ark? Short of a hand-wavey explanation with some kind of Forerunner portal, there’s no way that they’re going to literally just drift out of the galaxy and magically end up at the Ark.

Atriox looks cool, I hope they remember to make him an interesting and complex antagonist too.

And I’m still annoyed at Reed’s implication in the Escalation Library Edition that the Flood being loose on the SoF is going to be “resolved” in Tales From Slipspace - that they’ll literally just handwave away THE FLOOD because they just seem to view all of Chris Schlerf’s plot points as superfluous baggage. We’ll see…"

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This is starting to feel more and more like Torch the Franchise and Run.

4020000 This is all going down hill already, eh...

I keep saying, Rally the Troops. They can't ignore the voice of legion.

4020026 People are already going nuts, just need to organize them, eh

Indeed. Go whip them into shape.

Actually, this new Cutter might be a totally different Cutter to the one seen in the first Halo Wars. There was a captain in one of the Escalation comics, Cutter's son, that wanted revenge on Lord Hood for the disappearance of the Spirit of Fire. Maybe it's that guy, reconciled and fighting for the UNSC. Maybe it's Cutter's nephew.

If you don't mind, I'll be in the corner reformulating headcanons

4020074 Nah, it's totally confirmed to be the OG Cutter, eh

4020121 :pinkiecrazy:

4020423 We're splintering already, eh

Continue to rally.

4020662 they already gave up, apologists won out

4020159 Whhy?:raritydespair: It works so much better if this was a different Cutter!

4020839 Now I know you're lying just for the sake of drama.

4020856 Cutter's son is actually a traitor and is sitting in a super secret space prison, eh

4020860 No like, Haruspis our unofficial leader has kinda fucked off after several others kept telling him it's fine, eh.


No like, Haruspis our unofficial leader has kinda fucked off after several others kept telling him it's fine, eh.

Maybe he went to bed or is getting food.
Or even running errands.

4020932 Halo Wars 2 is a pretty fun game boi, despite how Cutter is now, eh

Any references to Halo 5?

4020999 Halo 5 is all over the place, eh

How much of this is just to get an angry reaction?

4021066 All of it, but really, you can feel the Halo 5 in Halo Wars 2, eh

4021087 Plus it just looks like Halo 5, eh

That's probably just recycling already existing assets.

4021118 Did you watch Code Geass yet? DON'T LOOK IT UP, IT'LL SPOIL EVERYTHING, but did you yet?

No, been busy with prepping for family visit.

4021133 Ah, also just got back from a 15 km run, I feel amazing despite the soreness, heat and sweat. eh

4021231 it's gr80 m80

4021237 I feel like, taking over the world...

4021260 Like, I need to do it

4021286 ..... use my charisma, eh

4021318 I shall first attack the geeks, then the nerds, eh

4021331 then attack science itself

4021333 Pat, you don't 'attack' science. You use science as a tool.

4021336 .... I declare war on Science, I shall name my nation that is made up of my home; Holy Britannia, eh. Who shall win, eh?

Science. Because everything you use is made using science.



And when you work on your computer, that's a form of Engineering.

4021382 shit fuck, I committed heresy

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