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  • 94 weeks
    Confession Time

    I absolutely LOATHE stories that use "Anonymous" or "Anon" as a character. Especially if the story is in first or third person. Stop being lazy, give your character a proper name. Second person/You type stories, okay, I'm gonna let that slide as it's meant to represent whoever the individual reader is but for the rest?


    It's terrible writing.

    Stop it.

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  • 242 weeks
    Huge adverts in the middle of stories?

    Okay, seriously, what is this bullshit?

    My stories are not a place for you to shill stuff, Knighty. They take up nearly two thirds of the screen on a mobile device so it's not even like they're subtle. Turn that crap off.

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  • 246 weeks
    Pic of my OC. Because why not.

    So yeah, I finally caved and got some art done of my pony character that I play online. She's a bit messed up.

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  • 249 weeks
    Season 7 Finale...

    ~Watches season finale of MLP~

    Just...again. This is one of these episodes that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, where a previously at least passably sensible character abandons all reason and intelligence for the sake of the story.

    See also: Rarity in "Spice up Your Life" and Rainbow in "Tanks for the Memories".

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  • 250 weeks
    MLP Movie - Teeny Spoilers.

    So, having now seen the MLP movie, I have two questions.

    1. WTF are the Princesses actually good for?
    2. WTF are all those guards in shiny gold armour good for? And were they all on holiday for the Festival?
    It wasn't a bad movie, but at the same time it's getting really boring to see the Princesses so effortlessly defeated time and time again.

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Spice up your life by betraying your character. · 1:00pm Jun 13th, 2016

This is another of those episodes that had me smacking my forehead in frustration.

For all the good stories we get, sometimes we get an utter clanger that simply shits all over everything our characters have supposed to have learned and resets them to their personalities from season 1. Let's look at the lyrics from the Rules of Rarity -

" The rules of Rarity, just a parody
No dress here's unique
The panels all the same
Each colored windowpane
I fashion only makes me want to shriek! "

So, being the same as everything else is BAD for dresses, but good for restaurants, huh Rarity? Inspiration, personalisation, uniqueness, any of that ringing a bell? All gone in favour of being just the same as everyone else is no matter the cost. Seriously, Rarity. Seriously. Didn't you learn that success at any price isn't worth it? Apparently not in this episode, that's for sure.

Shame. I'll toss this onto the same pile as Mare Do Well and Tanks for the Memories.

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