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I am venting · 11:40am Jun 12th, 2016

Now, before I say anything I am not judging anyone ontheir sexual tastes. I am merely stating my discomfort and shock at something that is occurring. Okay, with that out of the way, time for venting.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. I enjoy a good clopfic. Hell, most of the stuff I have written are clopfics. So to say that I like to read clopfics is a bit out of the question. But not when there is Futa. It seems that every god damn clopfic I open these days, is futa. Why? Why in the name of the nine rings of hell is this a thing? Sometimes weird shit is okay, but Futa? I'm sorry for saying this but, who the hell wants to see a penis on a GIRL!? I don't. If I ever saw a penis on a girl, I'm sorry but that would be as far as I would go. Sorry, not into dudes. Or futa. When I open a clopfic about two female characters, a penis should never even be mentioned. Can I tolerate toys? To a degree. But I cannot find an answer as to why everyone seems to be obsessed with futa. It boggles my mind. And it seems that it is not going anywhere, I am stuck with a curse in the back of my mind that what I am reading has the potential to have futa in it. It does not even matter if it comes in at the beginning middle or end I immediately leave the fic because of it and never return. If you want to read something that involves a penis read a r63 fic, or a M/M or M/F fic. Not a F/F fic. Leave it alone.

I'm sorry I had to get that off my chest.

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Do you want an actual answer to the question? Or just to leave it at rhetorical rant?

I'd imagine females that like male bits but are into female ponies would enjoy Futa quite a bit. I'm not for it but I don't mind it between female/female characters if there trying for a foal.

It's... I don't know its own kink that interests some to read about. I'm in the same boat and generally sail away when I run across Futa but to each there own I guess.

4017296 I was merely venting, complaining mostly. When most of the new clopfics are futa I had to give an outburst. So a bit half and half.

Well the an actual answer from someone who happens to like futa, its the draw of someone who appears female (which is attractive) and can have sex that way, but also has a penis, and therefore knows how one feels. It the meeting of something you want with something you can relate to in an idealized light.

4088250 That at least makes sense. It still does not change my opinion but we are stepping in the right direction. I have largely calmed down now, this post was in the heat of the moment.

And that's fine.
I don't expect to give to a sudden fetish for lady-mounted baby cannons, but at least now you have knowledge on your side. I'm glad to help.

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