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    And I don't know how I feel about that.

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I worry when a movie is based on a video game · 2:27am Jun 12th, 2016

I really do. But as far as I can tell, Blizzard came through. The movie wasn't bad at all. The story flowed fairly well, though there were a few awkward moments or parts that didn't feel like they meshed. The interactions between a few characters also felt a bit stiff (like Lothar and the Garona). Otherwise, the movie was pretty good. Gul'dan was depicted well, and we got to see Khadgar, Medivh, and Thrall. A good movie, and I'd like to see if they go for another, maybe the creation of the Scourge and the fall of Arthas.

Oh, I was kind of disappointed when we didn't see much of the goat-people. Or the Night Elves, though I think they're still hiding in their super tree-fort.

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Yeah, those guys are on the western continent, the original games stuck to the eastern.

I haven't seen the movie, but... hmmm.


It wasn't a bad movie by any means. I can see the frustration involved with those critics not familiar with the original work though. There are some set pieces, such as the flying city of Dalaran, or Ironforge, or most of Karazhan, that are shown, but aren't actually used. They look amazing. Some of them get less than 2 minutes of screentime though, in exchange for some boring in comparison other areas for fighting. Karazhan is used, but only Medivh's room is shown in any depth, the rest of it is just (amazing) background as they travel to Medivh's room, and then ignored.

From a critic standpoint, it's several dozen violations of good story-telling, especially with movies, where you can only afford to show so much. There was so much promised and yet it didn't deliver from a showing standpoint. I can understand the ratings. But rotten tomatoes has a 26% rating from critics, and 83% rating from normal audience members who saw and voted on it, to give you an idea how enjoyable it was without taking film criticism in mind.


China ate that shit up.

Critics tore that shit up.

It'll probably come down to whether people are familiar with the early Warcraft lore as to what they try comparing it to and the like. I'll probably watch it when it hits the internet with decent quality myself. No doubt it'd probably pretty good on the action, which let's face it, folks who go to see it will either be looking for action, or they'll be Warcraft fans.

Blame Uwe Boll.
That blight on humanity purposely bought movie rights for the sole purpose of royally bucking the productions.
German tax laws, basically gave bonuses even if the movies tank.
He got away with it over a dozen times...

Also blame that disconnect between interactible media and noninteractive media.
Hell the Mario movie gets most of its bad rep from being the Mario movie.
Without the Mario brand, it would have just been an uninspired sci fi comedy.

The system has developed an inherent bias that reads "video game adaptation" and instantly removes 2 points out of 5.

I saw the movie. It is good. Not great, because there is one think that drag it down, but it is good.

You got what title told you. You got war and you got craft.

It is worth money.

From what I've seen, there were a few plot points changed from the books/comics, but all in all it was a good movie.

4016527 MAybe we'll get the dancing Night elves next time.

4016640 Thankfully I've learned that what most critics call a shit movie, I tend to enjoy and vice-versa.

4016823 I know not every game-interepretation is instantly bad, but it can be difficult to translate what players know to the big screen. The harshest critics will be those who have explored every corner of Desolace and know that almost forty years later the place where the Dark portal was opened is still a wasteland.

4017019 Yea, messed around with some blood lines, though I actually didn't catch it at the time. I enjoyed it though. As someone who's played the games, seeing it as a movie was something else. I also liked how they did magic in the movie. That kind of stuff can make or break a movie. After all, you don't want to see Khadgar standing in the open waving his hands around in the human cast-stance. That's just a bit silly.

The movie being decent honestly doesn't surprise me. Blizzard has always had an odd knack for pulling stories out of their asses that are hard to screw up.

After showing me the Overwatch trailers, my younger brother commented at length on that knack and mused about how much it motivated them to give high-quality backstory animations to a game that, otherwise, has no plot to it.

I'm wondering if it might be because, on some level, they never got over having to cancel the Warcraft graphic adventure game they were planning to make in the period before Starcraft.

4035248 It could also be that they were motivated by the success of TF2. Tuefort has had a ridiculous amount of backstory added for such a simple free-to-play game. If you're even touching the field, you better have some memorable characters. Even though the TF2 ones are named so simply, each one has a distinct personality that I can recognize by voice/accent.


No argument. I was more referring to how, when Blizzard adds a narrative component, they don't like to half-ass it, which makes it easier for others to produce acceptable adaptations.

Or the Night Elves, though I think they're still hiding in their super tree-fort.

A shame, really. In terms of lore, I don't think we'll see any elves unless they do a War of the Ancients prequel. Though I guess there were technically elves in the Second War {moving being the first war ofc} in the forms of Sylvanas/Alleria, though I forget to what capacity. WoW has been dead to me for many years, sadly.

Also really late response, because I bookmarked this page intending to come back the next day and never did. :3

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